Shaving soap is a kind of hard soap which is whipped into lather by making use of a good quality shaving brush. Lather produced by this soap is used for coating the face while shaving. The lather created provides lubrication and protection for the shaving razor. The popularity of shaving soaps has decreased over the years due to the inception of the canned shaving gel or foam used by wet shavers. Nevertheless, shaving soaps are still being used by shaving traditionalists and the ones who make use of straight razors.

The Properties of a Good Shaving Soap

A good quality shaving soap is rich in its content of glycerin and fat i.e. tallow or vegetable. The shaving soap will genuinely contain glycerin that is a derivative of vegetable oil because glycerin serves in the form of a humectant that locks in water and helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Glycerin also works in the form of a very efficient emollient as it softens the beard and thus helps in keeping the skin moisturized and smooth. High fat content is also important for a shaving soap to be good quality because fat supplies necessary protection and lubrication to the skin while shaving. This helps the blade in gliding over the skin surface smoothly without nicking or irritating the skin surface. Hence, whenever you make the choice of a shaving soap, look out for a soap that is high in its content of glycerin and fat that make a good quality shaving soap. It is also important for you to be careful when going for inexpensive shaving soaps because they are generally shower or bath soaps in complete disguise. These soaps do not provide any sort of protection while shaving and can even leave the skin looking irritated and dry. Best shaving soaps or shaving soaps with good quality are triple-milled. This increases lather profuseness and helps in producing a very creamy foam that makes the skin look extremely smooth.

Popular Brands of the Best Shaving Soaps

Some of the most popular brands of shaving soaps considered to be the best in the market have been detailed below:

Williams Mug


When you are on the look out of the a shaving soap make it a point to get a soap that helps in keeping the facial skin moist, the soap does not dry out, gives a very easy and quick lather and works well with almost all types of razors. All these properties are present in Williams Mug which is considered one of the best varieties of shaving soaps available in the market these days. The best thing about this shaving soap is that it is quite inexpensive. It is a quality-milled shaving soap which gives long lasting lather and even does not dry out the face. It is a soap that can be used on regular basis. This shaving soap is extremely handy for young shavers or beginners who cannot avoid wasting the soap.

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Henry Cavendish Shaving Soap

This is one of the most impressive shaving soaps available in the market at present. The soap features very light and clean odor and smells of sweet pipe tobacco. The best thing about this shaving soap is that it is 100% organic made out of Kokum butter and different other varieties of organic butters comprising the base of the soap. This means that the soap is cruelty free and is perfect for the facial skin. This shaving soap is just perfect for people who use synthetic shaving brushes and the ones who prefer gentler, kinder and ecologically sound lifestyle.

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Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap


Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Soap is considered the Best Shaving Soap because it produces lather that is less intense for a shaving experience that is more visible. The soap goes very well with all kinds of razors and protects the face from cuts and nicks of all kinds. The glycerin content of this soap is a little less and therefore it can dry out the skin. The best thing that you can do post using this shaving soap is use some moisturizer on your skin after using the shaving lotion. This will help you in preventing your skin from getting dried out.

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