Best 3 Electric Tooth Brushes


There is a huge selection of electric toothbrushes out there and there’s not doubt that choosing the right one for you can be a tough task. However, it becomes even tougher when you must attempt to choose the right electric toothbrush for you – on a budget.

Well, that’s where I come in to help. The whole aim of this article right here is to help those of you who can’t justify spending ludicrous amounts of money on a toothbrush but still want the exceptional cleaning powers of an electric model. I aim to show you the top 3 electric toothbrushes for under $120 – or in other words, which toothbrushes are going to get you the best value for your money.


  1. Oral-B Smart Series 5000

This Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review is based on a fantastic electric toothbrush from Oral-B which is sure to put a sparkling smile on your face. This is a truly innovative product which is packed with features all with the goal of ensuring that you have a clean and healthy mouth, teeth and gums. The deep cleaning action removes a very high % of plaque from even those hard to reach areas in your mouth – this combined with the gentle design, whitening action and a huge choice of brushing modes makes for one hell of an electric toothbrush. For full details on all of this products features as well as a complete review please read on.


Key Features of the Oral-B Smartseries 5000


At the beginning of every review, I like to try and find a video which offers a quick overview of the product for you (the reader) before you jump right into the rest of the details below. The video I’ve found for today is very informative – in fact at just over 9 minutes this video may be too informative for some of you – but it does a good job of talking about most of the key features, which is really all that matters. Enjoy the video, and just below it, you’ll find full details on all of the features which this toothbrush offers as well as a complete review.



  • A Truly Deep Clean. This innovative electric toothbrush is said to have cleaned up to 99.7% of plaque from those hard to reach areas of your mouth in tests while the user had “deep clean mode” activated – more on the different modes below! This toothbrush provides a truly “dentist clean” feel.
  • Powerful but Gentle.Clearly, judging by the plaque cleaning % mentioned above, this toothbrush clearly has enough power behind it to get the job done. However, while power is important, it is also essential to remember that your teeth are sensitive and must also be treated with care. Oral-B realize this and have included a few features which means that the Smart series 5000 is gentle but thorough all at the same time;

o    The whole design of this toothbrush from the inner workings right to the bristles is all geared towards delivering fantastic cleaning power while being kind to teeth.

o    There is also a neat pressure sensor feature which stops the pulsations of the brush if you’re brushing a little to vigorously.

  • Amazing Whitening. Another unique feature about this electric toothbrush is that Oral-B says that over about three weeks of use it will provide outstanding whitening and polishing for your teeth – and indeed in the tests conducted it seems that the majority of people noticed a significant difference in the whiteness of their teeth.
  • Choice of 5 Different Brushing Modes.As mentioned above, here’s the different modes available to the user;

o    Daily Clean.

o    Sensitive.

o    Whitening.

o    Massage.

o    Deep Clean.

  • Some Other Small but Useful Features;

o    Clock. A little stand timer which indicates when you should move to different areas of your mouth also doubles as a digital clock when not brushing.

o    Small Neat Stand + Charger. The charging stand for this toothbrush is very unobtrusive and won’t take up much space at all in your bathroom. Another great advantage of this is that it makes it very easy to take this toothbrush with you when traveling.

  • Brand You Can Trust. Oral-B is the number one most recommended toothbrush brand worldwide. If that’s not a brand that you can trust, then I really don’t know what is!

An Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review

I’d like to start this Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review by talking about the reaction of the customers to this amazing product. There has been an astounding response from anyone who has bought this toothbrush, and this is truly reflected in the ratings which customers have left. Over 400 customers elected to grant this electric toothbrush either a 4 or 5 star review and when you compare this to the less than 50 customers who decided to rate this product with 3 stars or less you start to see what I mean.


Well, the primary function of a toothbrush is cleaning right – so I think that would be the most appropriate place to start this review! There’s a lot of big talk from Oral-B about how well this toothbrush has preformed in tests with the impressive 99.7% plaque removal rate which I’ve stated above. But the question is, do the customers agree with these statements? Obviously, the customers aren’t going to measure plaque levels in terms of % like Oral-B has – well, maybe some of them more pedantic ones will – but, in general customers have commented that they really feel that this product lives up to all of the hype. This electric toothbrush manages to give that deep “dentist clean” cleaning after every single time you brush, which is an amazing feat because those dentists have some seriously powerful equipment. The Oral-B Smartseries 5000  does a great job of thoroughly cleaning your teeth, gums and mouth with ease as well as polishing and whitening your teeth over the space of only three weeks. Oh, and yes – the customers have been just as impressed with it’s whitening and polishing abilities as they were with it’s cleaning abilities.

If there is one single con to be mentioned in this Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review, it is the fact that this toothbrush is a little bit noisier than your traditional, boring, non-electric one. But, I guess that was to expected. In any case, when I say a “little bit noisier” I do mean just a little bit – this toothbrush won’t be waking your neighbors or roommates or anything like that! I don’t know about you – but I’d be willing to put up with a little noise to benefit from the amazing cleaning that this toothbrush is capable of.

They have also commented how much the like the smaller additional features offered by this toothbrush. These are of course the small things like the brushing timer which doubles as a clock and the fact that the toothbrush itself will pulse after you have been brushing for two minutes and then again after four, and so on. This is just a simple feature to help you keep track of how long you’ve been brushing – a nice touch. The customers also really appreciated the little warning pulsation that occurs when you’re brushing too hard. These are small and somewhat peripheral features, but they’re still some nice additions!

In conclusion to this Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review, I must say that this is an amazing and genuinely useful product. It provides and amazing deep clean, removing the vast majority of all of the plaque in your mouth while evenly mixing in some smaller somewhat peripheral features. All that this toothbrush has to offer, combined with the world-renowned Oral-B brand name mean that this product is worth even more than its somewhat above average price tag. If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra for one of the best electric toothbrushes available today, then you should seriously consider the Oral-B Smartseries 5000.

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2. Oral-B 4000

This Oral-B 4000 is based on what is possibly the best value for money toothbrush that you’ll ever come across in the next few years. This is an amazing product from Oral-B (as usual) which comes packed with not only the basic features of an electric toothbrush but also a heap of additional peripheral features which really add to the whole package. From complete plaque removal to amazing gum care and a fantastic hard shell travel case this toothbrush has it all – and at an amazingly modest price.



Key Features of the Oral-B 4000


Usually I like to try and find a video overview of a product before starting off the review, but unfortunately I was unable to find a suitable one for this review. But, let’s not fret over this and instead move right along to the full list of details features which you will find below. As always, there will be a complete review of the Oral-B 4000  just below the list of features.


  • No More Plaque. Yes, you heard me right, with this tooth brush you’ll never have to worry about plaque again as it effectively removes 99.7% of all plaque even from those tough to reach crevices in your mouth. This is achieved thanks to the whopping 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations which this electric toothbrush can churn out every minute.
  • Gentle, Whole Mouth Care. The 4000 from Oral-B is designed to be gentle but thorough at the same time so that it can effectively clean while also being kind and not causing pain. Not only is this toothbrush great at cleaning your teeth but it will also keep your gums nice and clean so that you can have an entirely healthy mouth.
  • Whiter Teeth Guaranteed. Give this toothbrush a chance and in a mere three weeks you will see a significant difference in the whiteness of your teeth. This is possibly without even the need for polish as the Oral-B 4000 can easily remove those surface stains on your teeth which can occur from things such as coffee.
  • Choice of Modes.Once again, there are several different modes available with this toothbrush for you to choose from;

o    Daily Clean Mode.

o    Sensitive Mode.

o    Whitening Mode.

o    Deep Clean Mode.

  • Replace Brush Head Alert.
  • Pressure Sensor. A thorough brushing is good, but it’s also important that you don’t brush too hard because this can be bad for your teeth and gums. The great thing about an electric toothbrush is that you can let it do all the cleaning work for you … and with this in mind, Oral-B have included a neat little sensor which will alert you should you ever begin to put too much pressure on your teeth and gums with the brush.
  • Great for Travel. This is a great choice for those of you who need a toothbrush for traveling as it can be used for up to 2 weeks after a full charge and also comes with a great little hard shell travel case to ensure your precious Oral-B electric toothbrush is kept safe and sound in your baggage.


Oral-B 4000 Review

The very first thing which I’ll mention in this Oral-B 4000 Review is that this product only recently available on Amazon and as such there isn’t all that many reviews Well, this is a toothbrush so I think the first aspect to be discussed is how well does it clean your teeth and mouth. The short answer is that it does an exceptional job of cleaning your teeth and does remove what seems to be the claimed 99.7% of plaque. but I’m not going to be concerned over 0.3% and just say that it removes all of the plaque. Not only does it do an exceptional job and cleaning your teeth but it also does an exceptional job and cleaning your gums as well to give you that whole mouth fresh feeling.  Gum disease is a big problem for many people, especially for those who are starting to get a little bit older so it’s a very good idea to invest in an electric toothbrush like this one which can help to keep your gums, as well as your teeth clean. As if keeping your teeth and gums clean wasn’t good enough – the customers on Amazon have also been impressed with the teeth whitening abilities of this toothbrush as it effectively removes surface stains caused by things such as coffee to whiten your teeth in as little as three weeks.

The next thing to talk about in this Oral-B 4000 Review is that customers seem to be very fond of the different modes which you’re able to select to fit your current brushing needs. Of course, the daily clean mode speaks for itself and should be used twice daily to keep your teeth, gums and mouth fresh and healthy. The other modes are somewhat peripheral although still very nice to have available – the whitening and deep clean especially appeal to me because they’re functions which go beyond a standard cleaning and take it to the next level of exceptional all over mouth hygiene.

There are a few alert feature built into this electric toothbrush which are definitely peripheral, but very useful all the same. What I’m speaking about is of course the smart timer, pressure sensor, and replacement brush head alert. The smartimer will ensure that you get the perfect whole mouth clean every single time while the pressure sensor will keep you from damaging your brush heads or hurting your gums. The replacement brush head alert is simply very convenient as it means you’ll never be caught out again having to look for a new brush head just as your current one gets too worn – with 10 days warning you’ve plenty of time to get a replacement brush head ready to go!

I’ll conclude this Oral-B 4000 Review by saying that this is a truly fantastic electric toothbrush and does continue to hold up the fantastic brand name which Oral-B has built up over the last number of years. Not only is this an exceptional toothbrush which is packed with features – it also comes with an amazingly modest price tag. At less than $120 at the time of writing, this is perhaps the toothbrush which will offer the most value for money. If you want a high quality electric toothbrush which will keep your mouth healthy and clean, at a more than fair price then look no further.

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3. Sonicare DiamondClean 

This Sonicare DiamondClean Review is based on what is possibly the best electric toothbrush available today. Well, if it’s not the absolute best then it’s most certainly the best that I have ever reviewed for this website. It takes everything that Sonicare toothbrushes have done brilliantly in the past and then does them all better. Jam packed with features such as the famed Sonicare Sonic Technology, exceptional teeth whitening and some fantastic travel features, this toothbrush is sure to keep you smiling. Read on for a full list of detailed features as well as a complete review.




Key Features of the Sonicare DiamondClean

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a decent video to provide an overview of this product so let’s just dive right into the thick of the detailed feature list, which will, of course, be followed by a complete review, as always.

  • Sonic Technology. The DiamondClean features the amazingly innovative sonic technology, as do most electric toothbrushes in the Sonicare range. This is an amazing bit of technology which essentially uses sonic waves to force water through your teeth and loose plaque while at the same time the unique diamond shaped bristles brush away the plaque for a total clean.
  • Cleans More Than Teeth. This is clinically proven to the health of your gums in just two weeks. The brush is specifically designed to follow along with your gum line to remove up to 100% of plaque from those hard to reach places to give you an exceptionally clean and healthy mouth. Another nice feature is that this toothbrush has been proven to whiten teeth in as little as one week – this is because it removes many of the surface stains which other toothbrushes cannot.
  • Choice of Cleaning Modes.Once again with a Sonicare product we are presented with a choice of operating modes to fit our current needs;

o    Clean Mode.

o    White Mode.

o    Polish Mode.

o    Gum Care Mode.

o    Sensitive Mode.

More Features of the Sonicare DiamondClean

  • Smartimer. Dentists worldwide commonly recommend that 2 minutes is the optimal amount of time that you should brush your teeth for, morning and night.
  • Unique Charging Stand. Well ok, it’s not really a charging stand per see it’s actually a glass which sits on a medium-voltage stand and all you have to do is leave your Sonicare DiamondClean in the glass to be charged. Yes, you can take the glass off the stand and use it to rinse your mouth out also. This has the advantage of looking a lot more traditional and somewhat sleeker than a big bulky charging stand sitting in your bathroom.
  • Great Choice for Traveling. After a full charge this electric toothbrush will work at full power for up to 3 weeks (2 minutes of brushing, twice a day), and what this means is that for short-term holidays you won’t even need to charge it at all! However, for added convenience Sonicare has included little travel charger which can be used with any outlet or a USB port – a very nice touch. Also included is a neat little travel case.
  • Warranty. Should you choose to buy from Amazon, you will be covered for any immediate problems should they occur by their amazing customer support services and policies. Also included is a 2-year limited warranty from Sonicare and a 28 day return period if you’re not entirely satisfied with your new electric toothbrush.
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