For thousands of men, taking care of their hair is very important. The way the hair looks presents a significant investment on how they look and feel.  Depending on your hair’s volume, length and strength, you need to use a professional hair iron. For instance coarse and thick hair requires a flat iron with 1-1/2” plates. Still, men with regular types of hair could use 1” plate for better control over hair swirls. It is important to learn how to use the iron and thus limit the appearance of problems. Your hair needs to be dry and clean before you apply the flat iron. This is why most people use a shampoo and condition their hair before using the device. Why should you take this into account? Well, when the hair is wet, you will have to deal with frizzy locks. In addition, before straightening the hair, women should apply a special heat protection spray against the intense heat. A good flat iron needs to incorporate special temperature and heat settings in order to customize the whole process. It is important to set the right temperature and work the right sections of the hair that need straightening. You have to draw thin hair sections through the iron in a slow pace. Try your best to continue this pace until you obtain straight hair. With this slow motion, the iron’s plates counteract the hair’s ridges and deliver a silky and smooth effect.

You’ll also notice that picking out small partings ensures better results. Furthermore take into consideration that the hair base needs to receive more heat than the ends. If your hair is super-curly then use low temperatures for proper results. Some men even perform a second and rapid run through the hair in order to obtain an impressive super-sleek finish. This is just one reason why you need the best flat iron 2017. You should divide the hair in small sections and slices and afterwards apply the flat iron for proper heat distribution. Even though most people change their irons from time to time, it is important to identify one that feels comfortable. Nowadays more and more people use ceramic flat irons in order to heat and straighten their hair. Still, it is important to learn more about the irons with ceramic plates in order to better manage the appearance of the hair. Most ceramic iron plates precisely distribute heat on the whole surface of the hair. This type of flat iron manages to retain more heat and safely eliminates hot spots. With a better heat distribution, the end results are impressive! The iron’s ceramic plates deliver far-infrared heat which prevents moisture build up. Due to far-infrared heat technology, you won’t have to deal with any damage on your hair. The iron uses ceramic plates to emit negative ions in order to safely remove static electricity and offer shiny and sleek hair results. Here are the top choices we recommend;


  1. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron 1.5 Inch hair straightener.



If you plan to change your hairstyle it’s time to quest for a perfect flat iron. Certainly you have known Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair straightener and read reviews about it. They are very well-known among those with very thick and curly hair. Wonder why? To give the best information before you decide to get it, I will summarize some great fact about this hot styling tool you might have wanted to find out.


Babyliss pro titanium 1.5 inch review.

Because it’s a very important tool that decides  how you look everyday, acquiring as much information in advance on the product is necessary, you want to rip off all the quality, benefits and features from it for a long term investment on beauty.




  • Good heat efficiency and quick heating of the plates. Actually with the adjust heating, you can change to many different temperatures (5 levels from and the maximum heating is 450F), this is the most important factor of this product to adapt many hair types. It makes them suitable for anyone with fine to long thick hair. You know many other product with the same setting, but you’re satisfied the quick heating, the plates can get to the desired temperature just in seconds, which feature I like the most, you do if you are in hurry in the moring and don’t want  to wait flat iron to heat up.  Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair straightener combine the high quality plates to deliver variety of temperature you wish for.


  • It’s light and small, so you put it neat in your bag (as all flat iron, they gain a little space in your travel bag). I also love the design and the color giving the user premium experiences.


  • Changing from higher to lower temperaure is extremely easy and in a matter of seconds. If you decrease the temperature of plates by adjusing the button, it’s cooled down fast because the titanium is material that disputed heat efficiently.


  • The attractive and ergrnomic design asures user’s safety while perfoming hair straightening. You hand and skin around your neck are avoided contact to the hot surface on the plates.


  • Have you ever had an electric device that last more than 4 years? since Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium come with a 4-year warranty on the main parts and plates, so you can expect it’s going to damage after 4 year, otherwise, it’s assured you a generous time to enjoy. This could be the top trustworthy hair straightener brands on the market.


Babyliss Pro Nano titanium hair straightener at glance


  • Adjustable heating from 90F to 450F.
  • Heating is quick just 10 seconds.
  • High quality titanium plate with 1.5 inch width and smooth surface to prevent hair snagging.

What’s the  big deal? 4 years  warranty.


The bad things about Bablyliss Pro: Some of the customers think it’s pricey compared to similar products. However, I feel for the time saving, long run and safety, actually you are saving money since it’s durable with resistance to corrosion of  plates. Some users have problems with the adjustable heat setting, but you will be familiar with this after 2,3 times. In addition, those with normal and fine hair complain it releases heat more than other, but with 5 setting you always choose one and remember don’t adjust to the highest level for the first time until you make used of it.

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  1. GHD flat iron hair straightener.



Pros: One button switch on. It has a classic look. The gold coated on ceramic plate provide exceptional smooth surface and snagging-free experience. It can do both curling and straightening. Temperature is optimized for all hair types. It’s safe by automatic switch off.

Cons: You may be disappointed with no adjustable heat setting. The price tag is high Some hairtype such as extremely thick may not be best suited.

For some, it is a daily habit to style hair and they do it in free time with enjoyment. GDH, Good Hair Day is one of the best flat iron bands on the market proven by the high quality material of products and durability, and as the role of excellent beauty tools they can eliminate curl and frizz or do whatever you wish for your hair. Take all these thing into consideration, in this article we’ll give you some points of one of the best GHD flat irons: GHD V Gold Classic Styler. You are about to find out “is it worth of hype and deserved what you pay for”.


Quality and design


We rarely have reviews on gold coated plate irons, but this is an exceptional case because we’ve heard of it a lot. At the first look, you will see ergonomic design and compact, fresh and professional iron. The button position is located at a very suitable place between 2 plates, which allow you to easily to switch on/off. Just one switch with audible beep, it’s ready for use.


The plates are heated to the optimized temperature, there is no adjust setting, so you don’t need to put your hand near by the plates to guess the temperature. Solid body gives a comfortable hold on your hand in any direction while perfrom straightening. The gold coated on ceramic plates boost even smoother on the surface.


There is downsite to the hair straightener, that is, no sort of heat adjustable settings that it can be used within seconds after turning on.  some hair such as thick and  coarse need  higher heat level to get the perfect result that will last through the day. Some people with fragile hair or with sensitive skin feel intense heat from the iron (this can not be avoided), they prefer a lower temperature.


GDH Flat Iron at glance


Temperature variable: lowest when sliding on hair 347F , highest after turning on 365F

Warranty: 2 Year(s)

Ceramic plates: 1 inch

Dual Voltage 110/230, it is great for traveling

Safety: Auto Shut-off



One button switch on. It has a classic look. The gold coated on ceramic plate provide exceptional smooth surface and snagging-free experience. It can do both curling and straightening. Temperature is optimized for all hair types. It’s safe by automatic switch off.


You may be disappointed with no adjustable heat setting. The price tag is high Some hairtype such as extremely thick may not be best suited.



Who Would Use This Gold Coated Flat Iron


If you’re looking for a good hair straightener that can be used imediately after turning on without adjustable heating, I would say, this iron will give your need. The reason being that  you don’t have to wait for long and switch to many heating levels to style, just turn it on and it’ll style your hair with the best by simplicity. However, you can’t change the temperature after turning it on, this is a disadvantage.


For those with naturally curly or stick-straight hair, it’s a great choice. You can’t go wrong with them even with normal or thick long hair. They will give you appealing style that can last longer. “Sleek and shiny”  is what users talk about after they style with the product.


What’s now if you like to curl hair. The Gold Classic Styler brought more positive features by users who’ve tried curling. The ergonomic design means you have much less chance to accidentally touch on the hot surface. In addition, it can style some curly hairstyles that are really a challenge to other irons.


Concluding thoughts about GHD V Gold Classic Flat Iron Review


There are a lot of positive reviews on this product, meaning it has been tested and proved it’s values. The light and compact body let users style simply and easily. The coating on the body not only makes you feel solid and comfortable on hand( you will never drop it while styling), but also looks like an expensive and high-end product. You don’t need to do something else to wait until it gets to the set temperature cause it does in seconds. The the feature, most people appreciate is that it is going to automatically turn off if you don’t use them after 30 minutes. It’s extremely helpful and safe for those noramlly forget to leave something “on”.


The gold coated plate gives extra smooth so snagging is thing in the past. You can use this tool to both strengten or curl. Overall,  it’s very pricey to invest on this product, but keep in mind that if you have long term and daily use your money is placed on the right thing.

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  1. Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450 hair straightener. Now izutech ktx450



They produce styling products typically for professional hairstylists.  The excellent design integrated with innovative heating technology reduces as much as possilbe any side effect on hair. What you are going to get from using IZUTECH products are exceptional results or, I would call it “salon like results”  at home if you’ve ever used any flat iron from this brand.


You have a hundred of choices out there for a hair straightener, it is a tedious task to search every single product for reviews. Do you get ceramic or titanium? CHI or GDH?  What is your budget? Still, we think IZUTECH stands out, then we can confidently mention it to you – one of those is the Izunami Ktx450, or to simplify KTX, it’s easy for you to remember.


At a  glance


  • Specifically designed for Keratin Treatments.


  • Adjustable heating from 90F to 450F: 5 levels.


  • Heating is quick just 30 seconds.


  • High quality titanium plate with 1 inch.



  • The housing is coated with high quality paint.
  • The intuitive design allows users to easily hold and straighten their hair without any instructions.


  • The switch on-off button and scroll heating wheel is located exactly at the right position, thisl avoids accidental change while straightening.


  • It has an audible beep when it gets ready for use after you turn it on.


  • The latest flashing heating technology Kyocera MCH Heater assists in conducting heat to the plates, so they can reach to the set temperature  in a matter of seconds.


  • The multiple setting let you choose any heating level.


  • Each plate is heated independently by dual heat sensor so they will not loose heat and maintain consistent temperature.


  • There is some sort of moisture molecules present in your hair, KTX will enhance the effectiveness of these molecules by reducing the size leaving your hair shiny and healthy without compromising its natural properties.



Pricey. As I mentioned earlier, KTX is recommended for professional use and it is still one of the  best hair straightening flat irons though it is expensive.


Who Would Want the KTX450?


KTX can satisfy all users because of the wide range heat setting. It can work perfectly on very thick, oil, curly, wave hair. Certainly, you know Keratin Treatments and at least one time, you want to try out this treatment. To be able to successful achieve a desired result, the irons must be designed for this purpose, I mean, they were created for that and you know, KTX450 is absolutely engineered for that. The titanium plates are extremely effective, this is the most important feature. They are light and durable can withstand at high temperature but still maintain its properties.



Final thoughts

What impresses me about this hair straightener straightener is how fast it heats up, and how fast the temperature changes on command, it will be the best choice for those who want to try professional experience.

If you want to try out the professional tool, you are looking for hair straightening flat iron for your self, or even intend to upgrade, you can’t really go wrong with KTX450. The titanium plates are very effective to conduct heat fast, the tool itself is nice and solid, and it’s affordable for a professional styling iron. When compared to other straighteners, it is worth to  invest your money in terms of performance and price range;  it also looks pretty lovely in your kit.

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  1. Chi 1 Inch Flat Iron – The Best Iron For Normal Hair.



If you have a normal hair, nothing stop this Chi hair straightener, that it has the heat setting that works perfectly on your hair. The Chi 1 inch incorporates a heat transmitted technology and the plates to ensure that your hair never end up with some frizz and curly. This straightener is yet another breakthrough from Chi for an frizz free straightening experience, truly a excellent tool to handle normal hair with shoulder length.


You will look more attractive and stylish by just changing your hairstyle to straight look. The first thing you would think of is selecting the styling tool to do that. There are numerous of straighteners which on the ad they say how perfect the results are delivered, however, many of them failed. Luckily, it’s not hard for you to find the right styling tool brands, you probably know CHI was proved to be a reputable brand for styling products.  CHI Ceramic Flat Iron 1 inch will not make you disappointed with its performance, no matter what style it is.



Quick glance


  • The maximum temperature is fixed at 370F.


  • The plate is made of ceramic, the layer is thick and durable.


  • Its Voltage is 120V, Don’t bring it to other countries where the power supply is 220V.


  • Warranty: 2 years


Chi 1 inch flat iron.


There are a lot of hair straighteners out there with 1 inch plate width. But I personally will tell you why you should choose this CHI 1 flat iron.


The plates of Chi flat iron are made of high quality material (thick coated ceramic), the heating is conducted through the  plates so efficiently. Chi 1 iron is engineered to complement the heat lost quickly allowing consistent temperature to style your hair successfully. This means the plates remain in stable temperatures. The Chi iron also has an adjustable setting.  you always can adjust to the suitable levels.


Additionally, the straightener doesn’t have the temperature controller, you just switch them on for instant use. The thick ceramic bar is integrated into the tool, which is the core and  acts like the “soft clip” to hair while straightening. The ceramic plate makes contact with your hair while straightening to whatever direction  because of  the swift cord.  All you need to do is just adjust a button and the temperature of the plates will rise upto 50°F.


Why Chi Ceramic Don’t Work with Some.


Chi ceramic is a mid-range straightener. It is comparable to other ceramic irons and not the best choice for people with very thick, curly, long hair because  of the plate size ( 1 inch). Though, this hair straightener is an excellent choice for people with normal hair, it is simply not the straightener that will give you everything like high-end straighteners. For those with thick long hair and want an effective straightening, you should look for a more intense heat titanium straighteners like Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium.


Final thoughts


This Chi ceramic flat irons may not be as good as Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450 or Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium in terms of intense heating  but definitely it is a top straightener especially for those who have normal hair. Ceramic CHI is quite popular. Again, if you have light to medium thick hair, this iron will have no problem giving a perfect straight hairstyle.


Overall, you’ll be pleased with this hair straightener and very pleased if you have problem styling your hair with other irons. It is the best hair straighteners for normal hair on the market that points to softer and gentler heating.

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  1. Brazilian Heat BBH3003 Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium flat iron.




If you read the Essence Magazine regularly, you would notice about the Brazilian heat iron in the hair beauty column. For now it is one of the best titanium flat irons for supper thick and stubborn hair, because the heat released from the surface of plates surpasses the other standard irons. Like most hair straighteners today, it has an adjustable control setting that allows you to choose the ideal temperature for your hair and it gets to that temperature super-fast.


Pros and Cons of the Brazilian heat after dark

The ergonomic design will help you hold it comfortably and it also assures that users have less chance to be caught from hot surface of plates while holding and performing straightening. It’s very easy to use, the control is convenient on the side of the housing with digital temp lock, it’s not going to be accidentally turned off or changed as observed in other irons. Brazilian heat flat iron is coated by a high quality black paint. It is light weight and fits on your hand. The packing is very good and neat, such a nice treat for quality hair straighteners.


The tremendous thing about this product is that it can be used for Brazilian Keratin Treatment, a hair treatment that requires intense and consistent heat.  There is not any complaint about hair damaging issue. This is reason why Brazilian heat titanium flat iron review is positive.

Who can use it?


For most type of hair, it works effectively on very thick, course hair giving you satisfiying results. Just one time sliding it down and it leaves your hair shiny and straight. If you have natural and fine hair, it may give you over your expectation. For stubborn, thick hair, this iron absolutely is a top choice. This hair type likes it hot probably over 400F. They have 5 level-temperature setting: 450°F, 430°F, 400°F, 350°F, 300°F, 250°F


Brazilian heat titanium flat iron is the best hair straightener for thick curly hair and African American hair.


Remember to set from low heating first and go up until you get the good result. There are 2 plates size 1 inch and 1.5 inch available, choose the one best for your hair type.


Final thoughts


In final words about Brazilian heat titanium flat iron, I would say this hair straightener is one of the best flat irons you could find especially for those that have thick hair. Probably, it’s a little pricey but once you get familiar with it, you will be straightening like a professional hairstylist. It can be used for all hair types by changing the thermal control. Make sure it touches every single hair strand. It is a perfect flat iron that I couldn’t really find any fault with.

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