Original Dovo Set

Today’s generation of young people who probably don’t have an idea of what is a straight razor really is apart from what they usually see in era inspired movies, are usually more acquainted with the basic safety razor. Safety razors provide that safe means of shaving since the disposable blades inside it are conveniently placed inside two metal meshes with a tooth comb design that allows a small portion of the blade to protrude, hence, enabling it to shave off your facial hairs. Can safety razors give you that smooth and clean shave that you’ve always wanted? Well, yes, but only up to a point until the blades themselves start to dull out, requiring you to change them from time to time.


And that’s just where straight razors have the upper advantage over safety razors since you do not have to buy any blades since you only have to maintain you razors sharpness by occasionally honing it and stropping it from time to time. That comes to big savings from buying disposable blades in the long run but you must understand that using a straight razor does require extra skill in handling how you properly shave your face with it without accidentally cutting yourself up, added to this, it does take nerves of steel and a steady pulse to be able to shave the old fashioned way using a straight razor.


In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the use of straight razors maybe primarily induced by economical reasons such as the rising cost of consumer prices, particularly on disposable blades. Others regard it as a reminiscence of a past era in where shaving using a straight razor was regarded as a morning ritual among men and was considered as a true statement of reinforcing one’s masculinity. For others, it has become a sort of hobby to collect straight razors, particularly vintage ones that costs around $50 to $300 dollars depending on the condition of the razor. Among theses straight razors, one brand seems to stand out among them that it has become a byword for anyone, most especially for the older generations that have grown up, waking up every morning to see their fathers and grandfathers shaving using a straight razor.

Dovo straight razors are considered to be one of the world’s best straight razors that was ever made. Made in a place in Germany famously called “The City of Blades”, Solingen, Dovo has been making straight razors since 1906 and is still manufacturing some of the world’s sharpest razor blades using the timeless tradition of quality and excellence that Dovo straight razors are known for. Forged from high quality carbon steel, Dovo takes pride in their craftsmanship, particularly in the way that they hone their blades using traditional hand sharpening techniques passed down from generations of craftsmen that give it’s blades that razor sharp edge.

One of the most oldest and well known straight razor brands that Dovo is known for is their line of  “Bismarck” straight razors. Finely crafted from forging up to finishing, the Bismarck is Dovo’s flagship brand that is considered as one of the most sought after straight razors in the world. The Bismarck was the first gold plated razor blade that Dovo created which also has one of the finest scales (handle) which uses materials such as ivory and rare wooden materials that will last a lifetime, giving you years of satisfying shaving that you can even hand down to your sons and grandsons as well.


If you are planning to buy a Dovo straight razor set you should know what to look for to avoid ending up with a fake item that will not give you a clean shave that you are expecting. There are a few things to remember in order to find out if you are getting the real thing.

The Original Dovo Straight Razor Set


 Original Dovo Straight Razor Set

The Blade

If you are decided on buying a Dovo, you should make sure that it did come from Germany or if you will be buying one on-line, you have to look for the original markings that will validate it’s authenticity.  Dovo’s blades have a laser etched insignia of a man holding a small hammer and a scissor which can be seen on the shoulder of the blade. There is also the laser etched Dovo brand on the blade itself which shows the Solingen markings. Apart from this, there is also a secondary Dovo mark on the shoulder which may include the blade measurement showing “5/8” or “6/8” respectively. The blade itself is meticulously well crafted that it renders a shiny, mirror like finishing with absolutely no blemishes on the blade whatsoever.


The Scales

Depending on what model you want to buy, Dovo straight razor sets come in a various number of scales that you can choose from. Hardwood scales, ivory, acrylic and metal handles are available and most of these scales are either engraved or embossed with the Dovo logo. From the appearance of the scales alone, you will be sure that you are getting the genuine article and not some cheap imitation copy.

Dovo Straight Razor Sets

A basic Dovo straight razor set usually just includes a box that contains a Dovo razor, although there are some Dovo products that come with a basic shaving set that includes all the essential things that you will need to get you started in using a straight razor and a few other things that you can use to maintain your razors sharpness to provide you with many years of smooth and clean shaving. The basic set may contain a straight razor, a shaving cup, a badger hair brush and a stropping belt.

Shaving Cup

Depending on your preference, shaving cups may come in the form of a stainless steel cup or a ceramic cup but since you only need this each time you shave, most people just use a plain coffee mug to mix in their soap and lather.

Badger Hair Brush

This is an essential part of your shaving set and depending upon the type of shaving brush that you buy, you can choose to buy synthetic or authentic badger hair brushes. Synthetic badger hair brushes are cheap and affordable compared to authentic badger hair brushes that can sometimes be worth as much or even more than your straight razor! Shaving brushes are used to create that foamy lather prior to shaving and the badger hair provides just the right amount of emulsified air into the bubbles that render that foamy consistency.

Stropping Belt

There are some cases that your shaving set would include a stropping belt that you use to maintain your razor blades sharp disposition. Stropping belts may come in two types, which may also include a reversible canvas belt that cleans out the razor blade prior to stropping it with the leather side of the belt. There are stropping belts however  that are even more expensive than your straight razor, particularly those stropping belts that are made with Russian horse hide that can run up to about $300 dollars!


Glycerin Soap

Glycerin soaps are considered the best type of soaps when it comes to wet shaving with a straight razor since it has very little chemicals compared to that of commercially produced soaps. Glycerin soaps also provide that less irritating shave as it is more slippery and produces a very foamy consistency when applied with a badger hair brush.

Honing Whetstone

Some shaving sets may also include a whetstone used for honing your razor, but if you do not have the proper knowledge of properly using a whetstone since you may damage your razor’s blade.

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