The Two Main Types of Men’s Electric Shavers.

There are two main types of mens electric shavers currently available on the market.  Those two types include the rotary and the foil.  While some men may claim that one works better than the other, it really depends upon what type of shaving of you’ll be using your electric shaver for.

Rotary Shaver

Rotary shavers normally come with two to three rotating blades that are able to slightly conform to the contours of your face.  Most rotary shavers are able to tackle longer hairs, better than foil shavers.  That means this shaver may work better for those who like let their hair get a little longer between each shave.

In general rotary shavers are known for being much quieter than foil shavers, but dont expect to get quite as close a shave as youd get with a foil razor.  They also tend to be easier for shaving difficult sections such as the chin and neck.

Foil Shaver

Foil shavers work by using oscillating blades that are found underneath a very thin, perforated foil screen.  They are louder than rotary shavers, but tend to be more preferred overall by men.  The reason for this preference stems from men reporting a closer shave when using a foil shaver versus a rotary shaver.

Your preference may vary however, as satisfaction in a product is directly associated with every users personal preferences.  Foil shavers in general give a closer shave than most rotary razors, but you wont get quite as close a shave if you were using a manual razor.

Other Important Features of Mens Electric Shavers

There are plenty of other features to consider before buying the first electric shaver you come across.  You can search our ever-growing database of extensive shaver reviews to give you a better feel for the quality of any shaver you are considering to purchase, as well as what customers have had to say about particular shavers.

Here is a list of features that youll want to think about before purchasing a shaver:

  • Washable
  • Automatic Cleaning Base
  • Pop-Up Trimmers
  • Noise Levels
  • LCD Display
  • Battery Life
  • Wet/Dry Capabilities

By finding a shaver that incorporates your favorite functions, and has an excellent rating, you’ll be able to make a much smarter purchasing decision.


  1. Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver Review


Most men surely want to look neat when they are leaving home for work. For this purpose, they need to wake up earlier to shave their facial hair. Overgrown facial hair is not only disturbing but also makes men look dirty. Thankfully, there is Philips Aqua Touch AT890that can become men’s best shaving partner. Shaver is a must to have grooming tool for men who have beard, moustache or sideburns because it helps removing and trimming them. With a shaver, especially an electric shaver, all men can have their desired appearance without wasting their morning.

Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Features

Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver with Trimmer always becomes a great choice for men because it has some great features. They are:

  • Wet and dry shaving technology. Having this electric shaver allows you to shave both in wet and dry condition. With its lift and cut shaving heads, you can have close yet irritation free shave. As a result, whether it is wet or dry shave, it will always be comfortable.
  • Efficient rechargeable power. This shaver can be charged efficiently. Once fully charged, it can be used up to 2 weeks or 14 shaves. However, if you forget to charge but you need to use it, you just need to charge it for 3 minutes to be able to use it for one time.
  • Protection from cuts. There are caps that cover the razors, giving you full protection when trying for close shave. This allows you to have your desired neat appearance without feeling hurt.
  • Dual precision shaving. This shaver has three ultra thing heads that are separated to give ways for all hair to enter. As a result, all types of hair can be trimmed perfectly. Whether it is short or long hair, it will not be missed.

The Pros and Cons of Using Philips Aqua Touch AT890


The followings are the advantages that you will reap if you buy Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver with Trimmer:

  • It is an energy saving shaver. You do not need to wait for a long time to have the shaver fully charged. It only needs 1 hour to be fully charged. Once it is fully charged, it can last for 2 weeks. If you usually shave every day, you can use a fully charge shaver for 14 days.
  • The design is stylish. It has blue body and grey and white fitting, making it pleasant to use. If you are a man who pays lots of attention to details, this great design and color is certainly a plus factor.
  • It is a good product for sensitive skin. Some men have sensitive skin, causing them some irritation when they use a shaver. With this product, men with sensitive skin possibly have clean shaves without any hurt and irritation.
  • Because it is 100% waterproof, you just need one shaver for wet and dry shaving. This is a great way to save money, isn’t it?

However, even though this shaver is recommended, there are some drawbacks that you need to know before making a purchase. They are:

  • It is not the best choice for thicker beard due to the razors and design.
  • You will need a longer time to have a perfectly shaved face. Usually, it will take 15 minutes to get a perfect result.

What Will You Get When Buying This Shaver

If you purchase Philips Aqua Touch AT890, you will get the electric shaver, a shower hanger, traveling pouch, cleaning brush for shaver heads, protection cap for shaver heads, power lead to charge the built in rechargeable battery, user guide, and 2 year guarantee card in the package. This complete package enables you to shave and bring the shaver to anywhere easily.


The Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver with Trimmer is a perfect choice for you who are looking for affordable shaver that can be used for wet and dry shaves. Its features allow you to enjoy the benefits of more expensive shavers without spending lots of money. Thus, if you are ready to experience an electric shaver for the first time, this shaver should be your choice.

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2. Panasonic ESLV95-s Wet and Dry Shaver Review


These days, choosing a shaver can be overwhelming and daunting because there are lots of options out there. As when you want to buy a 5 blade shaver, you definitely can find several brands on the market. In this case, you should choose a shaver that perfectly meets your needs because each 5 blade shaver has different characteristics and specifications. Panasonic ESLV95 is a worth to consider product that will make your shaving time easy, fast and enjoyable. If you usually take a long time and lots of efforts to shave, you will no longer have such experience with this shaver.

Panasonic ESLV95 Features

This Panasonic 5 blade shaver has many great features that make it stand out of the rest. They are:

  • It is easy to maintain because it has an automatic self cleaning and charging system. This system avoids you from wasting your time clean and charge.
  • 5 blades cutting system with 14,000 rpm motor allows users to shave their facial hair a half time faster than other shavers. If you are in a hurry, this shaver is certainly a great help to make your face clean from hair.
  • Stubble sensor shaving technology can adjust to the thickness of your facial hair so that you can always get the best result, no matter how thick your hair is.

It is a wet and dry shaver which means that it can be used with water, foam or gel. This allows you to shave more easily and conveniently because you can use any shaving products that you already have.

  • Multi fit arc blades enable you to shave all areas easily without causing irritation.
  • It is able to detail trimming by performing horizontal pop up trimming for your moustache and sideburns. As a result, whatever area you want to shave, you can have the best result.

The Pros and Cons of Using Panasonic ESLV95

If you buy this new Panasonic top of the range shaver, you will be able to enjoy the followings great advantages:

  • You will be able to clean your facial hair fast. It works much faster than its competitors because it uses a 14,000 rpm motor while other shavers use 10,000 rpm motor. You no longer need to wake very early just to spend most of your time to shave your facial hair because this shaver can help removing it fast.
  • The shaving result is incomparable. It really shines, making it the best choice for an electric shaver.
  • Your facial hair can be removed perfectly, no matter how thick it is. If you usually need to use a different shaver for different area, you do not need to do it anymore. You can is it to shave your beard or trim your moustache or sideburns.
  • It is an electric shaver that feels like a safety shaver. When you are using it, you do not have any worry feeling that it will hurt you due to its great design.

Because this shaver is second to none, there is surely only one disadvantage of it. The price is the highest among its competitors, making it hard for you who cannot afford the price.

What Will You Get When You Buy This Shaver

Upon your purchase of Panasonic ESLV95, you will receive the shaver, a charger, travel lock switch, and travel case in the package. This means that you can bring your shaver and charger more easily. The shaver also comes with 2 year guarantee. This certainly gives you peace of mind due to the fact that the price is quite expensive.


As a premium electric shaver that has self cleaning and charging system and offers maximum comfort, the Panasonic ESLV95 is definitely worth to choose by all men who want to look neat without disturbing facial hair every morning. As a product from Japan, it is definitely a quality electric shaver.

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3. Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo Shaver


A few days without shaving are enough to change your face and make it to look like a mess. Overgrowth hair in the face is something that will be experienced by many men. This is why shaving has become a routine for a man. But when it goes to a fast shaving, there will always be a big question. How to do it without cutting your face? Braun CoolTec has the answer for this. But before making a decision and buying this shaver, let’s take a look the review first.

Braun CoolTec Features

Braun CoolTec is a compact electronic shaver. To give the good result, this shaver featured by several features. Here they are the key features of this product.

  • Active cooling technology. Shaving becomes more comfortable thanks to this. With this feature, this shaver can cool the skin automatically. It happens while you shave.
  • Adaptable cutting system. The 3 stage cutting system also include shaving elements that following the facial contour.
  • SensoBlade technology. It captures the hairs in the different directions and makes shaving smoother than before.
  • Precision trimmer
  • Quick charge
  • This shaver is also good in wet or dry environment. Even you can use it under the shower.



The Pros and the Cons of Braun CoolTec


Braun CoolTec is fully with advantages that allows you to shave easier.

  • This shaver gives a close shave. You can get the clean shave with it. It also shaves mustache and bread very well.
  • Very comfortable for the skin. It is cool and feels nice on your skin. This is because of the cooling feature.
  • The travel lock feature will keep the razor from turning on, especially in your baggage.
  • Braun CoolTec is very good in build quality. It feels solid and durable enough.

Although this shaver is really good in the performance, it also has some cons that you also need to know.

  • As a travel shaver, it can be a serious problem. But anyway, it stills easy to use and easy to take anywhere you need it.
  • This shaver is not good for shaving the next hair. For people who need a razor for shaving this area, they will not get what they really need from it.


What inside the Box?

In the box, you will get the shaver. Along with it, there are cord set and charging stand. If you want to pick it for traveling, you will need a pocket. But unfortunately, this is not available inside the box.


Overall, Braun CoolTec is a really good product. This is well built and feels comfortable in the hand. It works well and accommodate the common needs too. For shaving mustache and the beard, you will absolutely get the close cut. Getting the clean shave is just for sure. But the best thing about this shaver is about the comfort. Thanks to the active cooling technology, shaving will be so comfortable. It feels cool on the skin. The adaptable cutting system allows you to shave easier too. You do not need to worry about graze anymore. But if you have a serious problem with your hair neck, this shaver is not for you. It cannot shave the hair neck very well. Although you can make it, you will not make it well. This razor is also pretty heavy. You may have a problem with it, especially while trimming your mustache or beard. With very minimalist stuff inside the box, you will get a home use razor only. You may need to buy the other accessories separately.

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4. Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )


Shaving well and safely, this is really possible now. With an electric razor, people can get it and shave faster too. The various razors are also available with their unique features. But when it goes to a good razor, everybody has a certain name. And talking about the reliable razor, the name of Philips will always be on the list. Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 ) is one of the latest razor generation from Philip. It stills adopting the previous design language. But one thing for sure, it has equipped with the better features for the better performance.

Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )

Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 ) has several features. Those features include:

  • Cordless and ergonomic design. It makes the razor easy to hold and get the optimum control. Beside it, it also equipped with built in trimmer that offers the ideal precision specifically for moustache and sideburns.
  • Rotary head. This technology gives the better comfort to the users by distributing the pressure over the face. As the result, it reduces irritation. Rotary head is more durable and resistant. Beside it, it is also less mess.
  • Aquatec technology makes it so versatile. Wet or dry shave is no problem.
  • UltraTrack Shaving System
  • GyroFlex 3D Contouring that follow the natural contour of your face.
  • JetClean cleaning system. This feature allows you to clean this shaver easier.

The Pros and the Cons of Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )


Using this shaver is very beneficial. You can get the advantages including:

  • Shaving with comfort. The ergonomic design will help you to hold this razor and shave your moustache and sideburns easily. Thanks to the rotary head and the SkinGlade, you can shave without worrying about irritability.
  • The advanced numeric display allows you to see the battery status.
  • Fast charging for the longer use. Only with 1 hour charge, you can get 1 hour shaving power. And with 3 minutes of quick charge, you can use it for a shave.
  • Provide the great precision for moustache and sideburns.
  • This razor is more resistant to tear and wear. Beside it, Philips norelco 1280x/42 sensotouch 3d is also less mess. It can capture hairs and store them before disposal.
  • Easy to use, even in the shower.
  • Easy to clean

This shaver is really good. But of course, it also has some cons. These are the cons to note about this product.

  • Overall, this shaver looks well built. But when it comes to the slider that push the trimmer, it looks fragile enough. It was made from the thin plastic and easy to break, especially if you this product so often.
  • In a few cases, there is a serious charging problem. The battery life is also easy to drop.
  • The sideburn trimmer is too small.
  • The replacement head price is so expensive.
  • The price is so expensive.


What inside the Box?

When you buy this shaver, you will get several stuff inside the box. Those are including the shaver, luxury pouch, charging stand, power cord, protective cap and a cleaning brush.


Overall, this product is really good. It has the elegant design and the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold. The cordless design is not something new in this time. But the good thing about this razor is the battery life time. In a full charge, you can use it up to 60 minutes. The quick charge allows you to charge is quickly and use it for a single shave. But be careful with the razor head. This is so fragile. When you break it, you have to pay a lot of money to make Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )

work again.

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5. Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver Review


A reliable and powerful electric shaver is what most men need to keep themselves well groomed and looking great. Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 is designed to fulfill their desire and to give them the best shaving result. Priced at nearly $200, this electric shaver is indeed among the most expensive electric shavers available; however, its ergonomic design, its technologies and its powerful features ensure that it will be the man’s best investment that will give him more than enough satisfaction and pride when using it.


Reasons to Buy Panasonic ES-LV81-K


Panasonic ES-LV81-K electric shaver is one of the best electric shavers that men will surely adore. As a state-of-the-art electric shaver for man, it offers many great features that can be explained as follows.

  • It uses multiple foil patterns that make sure that no hair will remain uncut on the shaven skin.

There are three foil patterns that this electric shaver has. The first is lift-tech foil that sweeps the surface of the skin, lifts flat lying hair and makes it stand upright, and makes the hair ready for cutting. The second is finishing foil that finishes off even the most stubborn hair strands. The third is slit foil that is effective in dealing with long hair. Cutting long hair will be much easier and faster with this foil present on the shaver.

  • It uses non-allergenic nanotech blades.

Its nanotech blades ensure precision cut and are non-allergenic. They are suitable for all skin conditions and they can make sure that shaving session will be quick and comfortable. Five floating blades of the shaver make sure that no hair will left on your face, chin and neck after you finish your shaving session. Both the blades and the foil need to be replaced at least once every year to ensure their optimal performance.

  • Its pivoting head ensures complete control of shaving area.

Both the foil and blades are installed on a pivoting head that hugs the contour of your face, chin, jaw, and neck. The head will flow smoothly and flexibly on your skin and there will be no part that is too difficult to reach.

  • It uses powerful motor to ensure fast shaving that doesn’t cause irritation.

Its motor cycles 14,000 times every minute, making it one of the fastest motors for an electric shaver. With this fast motor, there will be no tugging or pulling sensation. Your shaving session is guaranteed to be irritation-free.

  • It is waterproof.

With an LCD panel, the shaver looks as if it cannot resist moisture. The fact is that it is completely waterproof and you can use it in both wet and dry shaving sessions.

  • You can charge its battery while cleaning it.

Its cleaning station functions not only as its cleaning equipment, but also charging one. After concluding your shaving session, you can leave it in the cleaning station both to clean and to charge it.

With all of those powerful features present in one electric shaver, there is always a good reason to have it. The only problem you may be concerned with is its price. However, because the shaver will always do the best in clearing your face and neck from hair, it is obviously the best investment that guarantees your everlasting manliness.


Panasonic ES-LV81-K electric shaver is enhanced with many powerful features, including 3 foils and nanotech blades that ensure close, fast and comfortable shave; pivoting head; and powerful motor. Although it is still considered a pricey shaver, it will surely become your favorite one after you buy it.

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6. Braun series 5 5090cc electric shaver

Braun 5090cc electric shaver is a sporty shaver for active gentlemen. Accentuating a masculine design with its rugged profile and look that makes statement, this electric shaver will be every man’s lovable shaver. The shaver is powerful not only in its look, but also in its performance. Even for shaving very thick Santa’s beard, the shaver will run smoothly and quickly on the surface of thkin pressure is not needed to ensure close shave. The pivoting head of this shaver also makes sure that no part of your face is too difficult for this shaver to reach.

Braun 5090cc electric shaver features

Braun 5090cc electric shaver offers a number of features that make it the number one electric shaver for men. Its most accentuating features can be broken down as follows.

  • Convenient and comfortable shaving with less skin pressure

Just let the shaver float on your skin and your hair will disappear. Irritation will not be a problem anymore if you use this shaver.

  • PowerDrive technology to enhance its shaving power

With this technology, you will not feel the difference between shaving thin hair and shaving thick one. Braun Series 5 5090cc allows you to shave even the thickest hair with ease.

  • OptiFoil structure allows the foil to give clean and extremely close shave.

OptiFoil is Braun’s exclusive foil design that allows the foil to run deep on the surface of your skin and to restore its smoothness by removing even the thinnest hair on it.

  • ActiveLift middle trimmer that sets flat lying hair upright and cuts it

ActiveLift is another Braun’s patented feature ensuring that no hair will be left on the skin. The biggest problem during a shaving session is that hair that lies flat on the skin cannot be cut by the shaver. Thanks to this patented middle trimmer, all flat lying hair will stand upright and be ready for cutting.

  • Lockable pivoting head that explores all parts of the skin evenly

The pivoting head of this shaver allows it to move freely and flexibly on the surface of the skin. No part of the skin is too difficult to reach if this shaver is used and a shaving session will mostly be fun. The head can always be locked whenever necessary. Five different shaver-head angles are available for locking purpose.

  • 4-action cleaning station ensures that the shaver will always be new.

A cleaning station that performs four actions: cleaning, charging, lubricating, and selecting a cleaning program, accompanies the shaver. This cleaning station will make sure that your shaver will always be clean and new. While you clean your shaver, you can have its battery charged.

Braun series 5 5090cc Pros and Cons

This electric shaver offers everything that a man needs to enjoy a close, comfortable and fast shave of his facial hair. Its design accentuates masculinity and sportiness and its power in shaving both thin and thick hair is beyond question. The only thing you will be concerned about it is perhaps its price. If you rarely spend more than $100 to buy a shaver, this shaver may not be your best choice.


Braun 5090cc electric shaver is everything that a man needs. Even for people who consider it an expensive shaver, it is still a worthwhile investment. It is great for cleaning thin and flat lying hair and powerful and fast for cleaning thick hair. Its battery is so powerful that you can continue shaving your hair for 45 minutes without having to charge it. You can even charge it after you finish your shaving session while you clean the shaver.

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7. Philips Norelco 1150x/46 Shaver 6100 Gives New Meaning On Perfect Shaver


Comparing to other shaving machine that you have tried over the years,  you’re definitely agree that Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100gives the best convenient to your routine. Indeed, shaving has already become a routine for men. It’s something that they’ve been doing for years.  Throughout all those years, you must have tried different shaving machine, whether it’s the electric or the conventional one.  There’s always good news from men who have tried on this electric shaver.

It definitely gives the best experience. It can smoothly roll down around your facial contour, reach all the curves of your face. Then, it gives the best result of clean shaved face without any skin irritation. Even if you have let your facial hair to grow out for some time, this shaver won’t find any trouble to shave it all. Indeed, this is the best companion for any man who wants to have clean fresh look every morning.

In the past, Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 was known as SensoTouch 1150X/46, but to make it much simpler and easier you can just call it as Shaver 6100. This change of name is also followed with change of packaging. For more comfort in using this shaver, Philips uses Gyroflex 2D contour following system, a design that allows this electric shaver to easily slide on facial contour to reach all the curves and shave facial hair.

This design also helps to minimize irritation as it also uses minimum pressure on the skin, preventing the blades from touching the skin. It still have SkinGlide technology that can shave the surface smoothly. This feature makes the blades able to work freely and slides smoothly over the skin for much easier shave without leaving any cuts on the skin. Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 also gets dual precission heads that come with slots and it works effectively on shaving longer facial hair. When other electric shavers fail to do the job due to the length of the hair, Shaver 6100 won’t let you down. It will get straight to work and give perfectly clean face. It has different types of blade designed for different shaving purpose. One of the blades is even able to cut facial hair from below skin level without causing any irritation. Great precision on each cut is something that Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 is truly proud of. It even gives the best precision in shaving moustache and side burn, all thanks to the powerful blades that this shaver get.

This electric shaver can be used on both wet or dry shaving. You can use it in any way that you’re comfortable with. It won’t find any problem if you use it on dry shaving. If you feel more comfortable with wet shaving, you are free to apply shaving foam or gel before using this electric shaver.

Great technology is not the only thing that this electric shaver offer. Even if the machine has complete features, it won’t get high popularity if people don’t find comfort in using it. Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 uses small and compact design, this electric shaver is truly comfortable on your grib. It won’t be too heavy or too bulky in your hand. It won’t get slipped easily too. While using this electric shaver, you will find wireless technology as your life saviour. You won’t get your hands tangled with the cords. This electric shaver is supported with Lithium-Ion battery which makes it the perfect companion when you are travelling. It’s quickly charged too. With such amazing result and easy usage, Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 will be the best companion to every man’s morning routine.

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