Original Dovo Set

Today’s generation of young people who probably don’t have an idea of what is a straight razor really is apart from what they usually see in era inspired movies, are usually more acquainted with the basic safety razor. Safety razors provide that safe means of shaving since the disposable blades inside it are conveniently placed inside two metal meshes with a tooth comb design that allows a small portion of the blade to protrude, hence, enabling it to shave off your facial hairs. Can safety razors give you that smooth and clean shave that you’ve always wanted? Well, yes, but only up to a point until the blades themselves start to dull out, requiring you to change them from time to time.


And that’s just where straight razors have the upper advantage over safety razors since you do not have to buy any blades since you only have to maintain you razors sharpness by occasionally honing it and stropping it from time to time. That comes to big savings from buying disposable blades in the long run but you must understand that using a straight razor does require extra skill in handling how you properly shave your face with it without accidentally cutting yourself up, added to this, it does take nerves of steel and a steady pulse to be able to shave the old fashioned way using a straight razor.


In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the use of straight razors maybe primarily induced by economical reasons such as the rising cost of consumer prices, particularly on disposable blades. Others regard it as a reminiscence of a past era in where shaving using a straight razor was regarded as a morning ritual among men and was considered as a true statement of reinforcing one’s masculinity. For others, it has become a sort of hobby to collect straight razors, particularly vintage ones that costs around $50 to $300 dollars depending on the condition of the razor. Among theses straight razors, one brand seems to stand out among them that it has become a byword for anyone, most especially for the older generations that have grown up, waking up every morning to see their fathers and grandfathers shaving using a straight razor.

Dovo straight razors are considered to be one of the world’s best straight razors that was ever made. Made in a place in Germany famously called “The City of Blades”, Solingen, Dovo has been making straight razors since 1906 and is still manufacturing some of the world’s sharpest razor blades using the timeless tradition of quality and excellence that Dovo straight razors are known for. Forged from high quality carbon steel, Dovo takes pride in their craftsmanship, particularly in the way that they hone their blades using traditional hand sharpening techniques passed down from generations of craftsmen that give it’s blades that razor sharp edge.

One of the most oldest and well known straight razor brands that Dovo is known for is their line of  “Bismarck” straight razors. Finely crafted from forging up to finishing, the Bismarck is Dovo’s flagship brand that is considered as one of the most sought after straight razors in the world. The Bismarck was the first gold plated razor blade that Dovo created which also has one of the finest scales (handle) which uses materials such as ivory and rare wooden materials that will last a lifetime, giving you years of satisfying shaving that you can even hand down to your sons and grandsons as well.


If you are planning to buy a Dovo straight razor set you should know what to look for to avoid ending up with a fake item that will not give you a clean shave that you are expecting. There are a few things to remember in order to find out if you are getting the real thing.

The Original Dovo Straight Razor Set


 Original Dovo Straight Razor Set

The Blade

If you are decided on buying a Dovo, you should make sure that it did come from Germany or if you will be buying one on-line, you have to look for the original markings that will validate it’s authenticity.  Dovo’s blades have a laser etched insignia of a man holding a small hammer and a scissor which can be seen on the shoulder of the blade. There is also the laser etched Dovo brand on the blade itself which shows the Solingen markings. Apart from this, there is also a secondary Dovo mark on the shoulder which may include the blade measurement showing “5/8” or “6/8” respectively. The blade itself is meticulously well crafted that it renders a shiny, mirror like finishing with absolutely no blemishes on the blade whatsoever.


The Scales

Depending on what model you want to buy, Dovo straight razor sets come in a various number of scales that you can choose from. Hardwood scales, ivory, acrylic and metal handles are available and most of these scales are either engraved or embossed with the Dovo logo. From the appearance of the scales alone, you will be sure that you are getting the genuine article and not some cheap imitation copy.

Dovo Straight Razor Sets

A basic Dovo straight razor set usually just includes a box that contains a Dovo razor, although there are some Dovo products that come with a basic shaving set that includes all the essential things that you will need to get you started in using a straight razor and a few other things that you can use to maintain your razors sharpness to provide you with many years of smooth and clean shaving. The basic set may contain a straight razor, a shaving cup, a badger hair brush and a stropping belt.

Shaving Cup

Depending on your preference, shaving cups may come in the form of a stainless steel cup or a ceramic cup but since you only need this each time you shave, most people just use a plain coffee mug to mix in their soap and lather.

Badger Hair Brush

This is an essential part of your shaving set and depending upon the type of shaving brush that you buy, you can choose to buy synthetic or authentic badger hair brushes. Synthetic badger hair brushes are cheap and affordable compared to authentic badger hair brushes that can sometimes be worth as much or even more than your straight razor! Shaving brushes are used to create that foamy lather prior to shaving and the badger hair provides just the right amount of emulsified air into the bubbles that render that foamy consistency.

Stropping Belt

There are some cases that your shaving set would include a stropping belt that you use to maintain your razor blades sharp disposition. Stropping belts may come in two types, which may also include a reversible canvas belt that cleans out the razor blade prior to stropping it with the leather side of the belt. There are stropping belts however  that are even more expensive than your straight razor, particularly those stropping belts that are made with Russian horse hide that can run up to about $300 dollars!


Glycerin Soap

Glycerin soaps are considered the best type of soaps when it comes to wet shaving with a straight razor since it has very little chemicals compared to that of commercially produced soaps. Glycerin soaps also provide that less irritating shave as it is more slippery and produces a very foamy consistency when applied with a badger hair brush.

Honing Whetstone

Some shaving sets may also include a whetstone used for honing your razor, but if you do not have the proper knowledge of properly using a whetstone since you may damage your razor’s blade.

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Which is the Best Antiperspirant for Men?

Sweating and hyperhidrosis is a problem for a lot of men, myself included.

When you’re constantly aware of how much you perspire, your movements become more limited and even purchasing clothes becomes a write-off as colors like gray are a total no-go. It’s embarrassing and an affliction suffered by many.

But something can be done about it.

Antiperspirants have put a stop to the perspiration problems suffered by millions of men and given them new-found confidence to wear whatever they want and not worry about what will happen.

But with so many products out there, where do you start looking?

Check out my Best Antiperspirant for Men table to help you find the right antiperspirant for you.

  Antiperspirant Rating
Perspirex  (4.0 / 5)
Adidas Deep Energy  (3.5 / 5)
Aramis  (3.5 / 5)
Certain Dri  (4.5 / 5)
Molton Brown  (4.0 / 5)
Sweatblock  (4.5 / 5)
Driclor  (5 / 5)
Odaban Antiperspirant  (4.5 / 5)
Triple Dry  (3.5 / 5)
Maxim Antiperspirant  (4.5 / 5)

The Best Antiperspirant for Men – Top 5

  1. Driclor

What you might notice is that for most of these antiperspirants, the price is more than that of a deodorant. Don’t let that put you off however, as there is great value to be found in antiperspirants. These are products that only need to be applied once every few days – maybe even once a week – and the difference they make will become apparent almost immediately. Driclor is the perfect example of this.

Considering that Driclor might last you up to a year (maybe more!), the $11 asking price is fantastic value, and arguably a far better investment than simply using a deodorant.

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2. Sweat Block

One of the best antiperspirants out there, Sweat Block comes in the form of eight towelettes, designed to be used one per week over eight weeks. Unlike a lot of the other antiperspirants on this list, Sweatblock is specifically designed to not irritate the skin. Whether or not this compromises its effectiveness against perspiration may well depend on badly you suffer from hyperhidrosis, but the sheer volume of positive reviews for this product definitely seem to suggest that there’s no compromise at all.

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3. Certain Dri

The longevity of Certain Dri is remarkable. While it may boast 72 hour protection on its packaging, a lot of people claim that one application lasts them a week, sometimes two. The value to be seen in this product is fantastic.

As with all good antiperspirants, it’s odorless. However, for those of you who like to use products that bear some sort of scent, you can also apply a deodorant the morning after application.

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4. Maxim Antiperspirant

This roll-on antiperspirant will last you a year as it only requires a very light application for every use.

Like with most antiperspirants of this nature, it can leave your skin feeling a bit itchy due to the alcohol if applied heavily, but if you only use a tiny bit every evening as instructed then the uncomfortable sensation should subside.

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5. Odaban Antiperspirant

Odaban’s claims to not only be an antiperspirant, but also treatment against chaffing, athlete’s foot and sports blistering seems far-fetched, and I can’t really comment on the latter claims, but as an antiperspirant is almost unrivalled.

Odaban is a little different in its application in that it’s a spray and not a roll-on like the majority of the other products in our best antiperspirant for men review. However this does not make it any less effective.

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Get Rid of Smelly Feet with Tea Tree Oil


Smelly feet are among one of the most embarrassing conditions that many people suffer from. This can hurt their self-esteem, social life, and just taking off your shoes in general cry horror. But seriously, what causes smelly feet?


To be exact, it’s sweat and bacterium. Did you know that your foot has 250,000 sweat glands? Well, when excessive sweat is excreted from the pores of the feet, bacteria leashes into the pores and attached itself to your feet, gross isn’t it? The bacteria discharges the bad aroma, the one that you whiff each time you take off your socks.

Tea tree oil is a well-known natural remedy for curing foot odors. The astringents inside the tea tree oil will help kill fungus and bacteria. Recall that the fungus and bacteria are the culprits that cause smelly feet. Sweat is the main cause smelly feet because the bacteria love to feast on the pores of your sweat. If you can stop sweat, you can stop bacteria.


Essential item list:

  1. Tea Tree Oil
    2. Cotton balls/napkin
    3. Towel


Guided Instructions:
Before we begin, ensure that you have all the items listed above. Make sure that your feet are cleaned and dried off before starting the foot odor treatment. You really don’t need to pour that much tea tree oil, just enough to soak the cotton balls/napkin inside the tea tree oil for about 5 seconds, making sure not over-soak it; we want this to stick well on our skin.

Next, hold the soaked cotton ball firmly and wipe it all around your feet (between toes, under nails, up until above the ankles). Now after you have wiped down your entire foot with tea tree oil, let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes. Try to keep the tea tree oil on your feet as long as you can throughout the day.
If you got places to go, don’t worry, you can still wear your socks and shoes.


How long should I do this for?

It’s best recommended that you carry on with the tea tree oil treatment for about 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks. If you notice that your feet odor has gotten better, then we recommend rubbing tea tree oil 2 times a week to prevent the bacteria from coming back.


Where can I find Tea Tree Oil for my smelly feet?
Many have used tea tree oil from Herbal Authority and have had success eliminating their foot odor. Herbal Authority offers pure oil culled from the leaves of the tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). Tea tree oil is completely safe and has been used as a topical agent for the skin for centuries. purchase Tea tree oil at Amazon.com




Get Rid of Foot Odor with Green Tea

Smelly feet are a very common symptom in people who wears closed-toe shoes daily. But what causes smelly feet? The main cause for smelly feet is unnecessary sweating on the soles of your feet. Bacteria love to live in dark and moist areas, in other words, your shoe. When your feet sweat; bacteria leeches onto the pores of the feet and seep their way in. The aroma that bacteria gives off is smelly foot odor.

Green herbal tea has been used for thousands of years in China and is proven to have variety of great uses. The Chinese have used green herbal tea to treat colds, prevent heart disease and high-level risk of cancer due to the antioxidants released into the body, not limited to just these! But wow, would you be amazed if I told you Green herbal tea can also be used to get rid of foot odor too?! How you ask? The chemical found in herbal tea that helps disinfect and kill bacteria is called epigallocatechin by soaking our feet a bowl.


Essential items:
1. A foot bowl or anything that you can submerge your feet into
2. Water
3. 4 bags of Green Tea bags
4. A stove and pot
5. A wash cloth


Step-by-step description:

Before we start, make sure you have all the essential items covered above. Now take a pot and pour roughly a quart of water (About 5 cups of water or however much you think is enough to submerge your feet) then let it heat up on the stove.

After about 2-3 minutes, add about three to four bags of green tea into the pot; it doesn’t matter if the water isn’t hot yet. Now let it heat on the stove for approximately 10 minutes.

In the meantime, make sure you wash your feet thoroughly and completely dry with a towel. After about 10 minutes, turn off the stove and let the green tea mixture cool down for about 10-20 minutes.


Now dump the tea into a foot basin or bowl. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and begin to soak your feet into the liquid for about 25 to 30 minutes. You can watch TV or stream the internet while you’re doing this!

After you soaked your feet for 25-30 minutes, remove your feet from the bowl and dry them completely with a towel. DO NOT RINSE.

Remove your feet from the tea bath and dry them thoroughly with a towel. Do not rinse. What this does is let the antioxidants kill the bacteria on your feet.


How often should I do this?

We suggest that you repeat this process at least twice a day for a week. If you notice that your foot odor is starting to go away, then continue soaking your feet twice a week to keep the odor under control.

Remember, this is not a permanent solution to curing smelly feet. These natural remedies are only to help short-term.


Get Rid of Foot Odor with Baking Soda

If you’re here to find out how to get rid of foot odor, then you’ve come to the right place but before we begin it’s best to explain what causes smelly feet.

When you wear your shoes, how many hours do you think you wear your shoes for each day?  Maybe you’re working and you’re required to wear shoes at least for 8 whole hours, most people even longer.

The number one cause for smelly feet is too much sweat is produced at the sole of the feet. The sweat that accumulates at the soles of your feet attract bacteria that crawls into your skin. This bacteria causes the odor that you smell, definitely doesn’t smell like roses, does it? So how does baking soda get rid of foot odor?


Baking soda has variety of uses. It is used for cooking, tooth paste, treating cold sores, and many more! As you predicted from reading that baking soda can also cure smelly feet.  It has the natural ingredients to kill bacteria and fungus that dribbled into your feet.


What you will need:

  1. A foot basin or bucket to soak your feet
  2. ½ cup baking soda
  3. About 5-10 cups of warm water
  4. Lemon (not needed but recommended)
  5. A towel
  6. Something to keep you entertained


Why lemon you ask? Lemon is the world’s most natural herbal ingredients that are used for many home
remedies. Lemon can help prevent excessive sweating of the feet. As stated earlier, sweat is the number one leading cause for bad foot odor. We need to keep the sweat under control while killing the bacteria in the process.


Instructions to follow:

Pour approximately five to ten cups of warm water into the foot basin or bucket, you can just eye ball whatever you think is enough. Pour about ½ cup of baking soda into the water. Add a half cut lemon juice into the water, just skip this step if you aren’t using lemon.

Next, find a chair somewhere to sit and put the mixed solution on the ground where you will be soaking your feet. Place your feet into the solution and swish around to make sure the baking soda and/or lemon has dissolved into the water. You should keep your feet inside the solution for about 15-20 minutes.



How long should I do this for?

We recommend that you keep doing this home remedy at least 2 times a week. If you notice that the scent is starting to dissipate, then continue soaks once every 1-2 weeks.






Get Rid of Foot Odor with Apple Cider Vinegar

The main cause for smelly feet is bacteria and sweat, but mostly bacteria. Here’s why, bacteria is attracted to secretions of sweat. Once bacteria seeps into your skin, it creates a funky smell. You’ve guessed it! The bacteria creates the smelly odor that comes from your feet. But why vinegar you ask? Because vinegar has the acidic properties that bacteria can’t withstand, thus killing off any bacteria that is seeped into your skin.


What you will need:

  1. A foot basin or bucket to soak your feet into
  2. 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. 3 to 7 cups of warm water
  4. A towel


Written out Instructions:

Pour three to seven cups of warm water into the bowl you’ll be soaking your feet into. I recommend that you make it warm so that it feels more tolerable for you, unless you prefer ice cold water!

Next, pour one cup of apple cider vinegar into the water. Here goes the fun part, sit down somewhere comfortable, because you’ll be sitting there for 10-20 minutes, but don’t worry, this is where the laptop and/or TV comes in. Keep yourself occupied; it doesn’t take long to do it, only 20 minutes of your day. The longer you keep it soaked, the better.


After 20 minutes or so, the towel becomes handy, or should I say footy? Okay, no more of my corny jokes. Take out your feet and wipe down your feet dry with the towel.  Now you’re done! You can choose to either wash your feet with cold or warm water, it doesn’t matter. You can now go on with your day!


How often should you do this?

It’s recommended that you do this at least 2 times a day for a week. If you notice that your foot odor is going away, continue the remedy for at least another two weeks limiting soaks to once a day. If you feel that your odor is definitely gone, we recommend doing it once every 1-2 weeks, as a preventative measure.

Just because it’s gone doesn’t mean it can’t come back!This treatment is in no way a cure for smelly feet, vinegar only kills the bacterium that emits the bad odor.