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Original Dovo Set

Today’s generation of young people who probably don’t have an idea of what is a straight razor really is apart from what they usually see in era inspired movies, are usually more acquainted with the basic safety razor. Safety razors provide that safe means of shaving since the disposable blades inside it are conveniently placed inside two metal meshes with a tooth comb design that allows a small portion of the blade to protrude, hence, enabling it to shave off your facial hairs. Can safety razors give you that smooth and clean shave that you’ve always wanted? Well, yes, but only up to a point until the blades themselves start to dull out, requiring you to change them from time to time.


And that’s just where straight razors have the upper advantage over safety razors since you do not have to buy any blades since you only have to maintain you razors sharpness by occasionally honing it and stropping it from time to time. That comes to big savings from buying disposable blades in the long run but you must understand that using a straight razor does require extra skill in handling how you properly shave your face with it without accidentally cutting yourself up, added to this, it does take nerves of steel and a steady pulse to be able to shave the old fashioned way using a straight razor.


In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the use of straight razors maybe primarily induced by economical reasons such as the rising cost of consumer prices, particularly on disposable blades. Others regard it as a reminiscence of a past era in where shaving using a straight razor was regarded as a morning ritual among men and was considered as a true statement of reinforcing one’s masculinity. For others, it has become a sort of hobby to collect straight razors, particularly vintage ones that costs around $50 to $300 dollars depending on the condition of the razor. Among theses straight razors, one brand seems to stand out among them that it has become a byword for anyone, most especially for the older generations that have grown up, waking up every morning to see their fathers and grandfathers shaving using a straight razor.

Dovo straight razors are considered to be one of the world’s best straight razors that was ever made. Made in a place in Germany famously called “The City of Blades”, Solingen, Dovo has been making straight razors since 1906 and is still manufacturing some of the world’s sharpest razor blades using the timeless tradition of quality and excellence that Dovo straight razors are known for. Forged from high quality carbon steel, Dovo takes pride in their craftsmanship, particularly in the way that they hone their blades using traditional hand sharpening techniques passed down from generations of craftsmen that give it’s blades that razor sharp edge.

One of the most oldest and well known straight razor brands that Dovo is known for is their line of  “Bismarck” straight razors. Finely crafted from forging up to finishing, the Bismarck is Dovo’s flagship brand that is considered as one of the most sought after straight razors in the world. The Bismarck was the first gold plated razor blade that Dovo created which also has one of the finest scales (handle) which uses materials such as ivory and rare wooden materials that will last a lifetime, giving you years of satisfying shaving that you can even hand down to your sons and grandsons as well.


If you are planning to buy a Dovo straight razor set you should know what to look for to avoid ending up with a fake item that will not give you a clean shave that you are expecting. There are a few things to remember in order to find out if you are getting the real thing.

The Original Dovo Straight Razor Set


 Original Dovo Straight Razor Set

The Blade

If you are decided on buying a Dovo, you should make sure that it did come from Germany or if you will be buying one on-line, you have to look for the original markings that will validate it’s authenticity.  Dovo’s blades have a laser etched insignia of a man holding a small hammer and a scissor which can be seen on the shoulder of the blade. There is also the laser etched Dovo brand on the blade itself which shows the Solingen markings. Apart from this, there is also a secondary Dovo mark on the shoulder which may include the blade measurement showing “5/8” or “6/8” respectively. The blade itself is meticulously well crafted that it renders a shiny, mirror like finishing with absolutely no blemishes on the blade whatsoever.


The Scales

Depending on what model you want to buy, Dovo straight razor sets come in a various number of scales that you can choose from. Hardwood scales, ivory, acrylic and metal handles are available and most of these scales are either engraved or embossed with the Dovo logo. From the appearance of the scales alone, you will be sure that you are getting the genuine article and not some cheap imitation copy.

Dovo Straight Razor Sets

A basic Dovo straight razor set usually just includes a box that contains a Dovo razor, although there are some Dovo products that come with a basic shaving set that includes all the essential things that you will need to get you started in using a straight razor and a few other things that you can use to maintain your razors sharpness to provide you with many years of smooth and clean shaving. The basic set may contain a straight razor, a shaving cup, a badger hair brush and a stropping belt.

Shaving Cup

Depending on your preference, shaving cups may come in the form of a stainless steel cup or a ceramic cup but since you only need this each time you shave, most people just use a plain coffee mug to mix in their soap and lather.

Badger Hair Brush

This is an essential part of your shaving set and depending upon the type of shaving brush that you buy, you can choose to buy synthetic or authentic badger hair brushes. Synthetic badger hair brushes are cheap and affordable compared to authentic badger hair brushes that can sometimes be worth as much or even more than your straight razor! Shaving brushes are used to create that foamy lather prior to shaving and the badger hair provides just the right amount of emulsified air into the bubbles that render that foamy consistency.

Stropping Belt

There are some cases that your shaving set would include a stropping belt that you use to maintain your razor blades sharp disposition. Stropping belts may come in two types, which may also include a reversible canvas belt that cleans out the razor blade prior to stropping it with the leather side of the belt. There are stropping belts however  that are even more expensive than your straight razor, particularly those stropping belts that are made with Russian horse hide that can run up to about $300 dollars!


Glycerin Soap

Glycerin soaps are considered the best type of soaps when it comes to wet shaving with a straight razor since it has very little chemicals compared to that of commercially produced soaps. Glycerin soaps also provide that less irritating shave as it is more slippery and produces a very foamy consistency when applied with a badger hair brush.

Honing Whetstone

Some shaving sets may also include a whetstone used for honing your razor, but if you do not have the proper knowledge of properly using a whetstone since you may damage your razor’s blade.

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Which is the Best Antiperspirant for Men?

Sweating and hyperhidrosis is a problem for a lot of men, myself included.

When you’re constantly aware of how much you perspire, your movements become more limited and even purchasing clothes becomes a write-off as colors like gray are a total no-go. It’s embarrassing and an affliction suffered by many.

But something can be done about it.

Antiperspirants have put a stop to the perspiration problems suffered by millions of men and given them new-found confidence to wear whatever they want and not worry about what will happen.

But with so many products out there, where do you start looking?

Check out my Best Antiperspirant for Men table to help you find the right antiperspirant for you.

  Antiperspirant Rating
Perspirex  (4.0 / 5)
Adidas Deep Energy  (3.5 / 5)
Aramis  (3.5 / 5)
Certain Dri  (4.5 / 5)
Molton Brown  (4.0 / 5)
Sweatblock  (4.5 / 5)
Driclor  (5 / 5)
Odaban Antiperspirant  (4.5 / 5)
Triple Dry  (3.5 / 5)
Maxim Antiperspirant  (4.5 / 5)

The Best Antiperspirant for Men – Top 5

  1. Driclor

What you might notice is that for most of these antiperspirants, the price is more than that of a deodorant. Don’t let that put you off however, as there is great value to be found in antiperspirants. These are products that only need to be applied once every few days – maybe even once a week – and the difference they make will become apparent almost immediately. Driclor is the perfect example of this.

Considering that Driclor might last you up to a year (maybe more!), the $11 asking price is fantastic value, and arguably a far better investment than simply using a deodorant.

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2. Sweat Block

One of the best antiperspirants out there, Sweat Block comes in the form of eight towelettes, designed to be used one per week over eight weeks. Unlike a lot of the other antiperspirants on this list, Sweatblock is specifically designed to not irritate the skin. Whether or not this compromises its effectiveness against perspiration may well depend on badly you suffer from hyperhidrosis, but the sheer volume of positive reviews for this product definitely seem to suggest that there’s no compromise at all.

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3. Certain Dri

The longevity of Certain Dri is remarkable. While it may boast 72 hour protection on its packaging, a lot of people claim that one application lasts them a week, sometimes two. The value to be seen in this product is fantastic.

As with all good antiperspirants, it’s odorless. However, for those of you who like to use products that bear some sort of scent, you can also apply a deodorant the morning after application.

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4. Maxim Antiperspirant

This roll-on antiperspirant will last you a year as it only requires a very light application for every use.

Like with most antiperspirants of this nature, it can leave your skin feeling a bit itchy due to the alcohol if applied heavily, but if you only use a tiny bit every evening as instructed then the uncomfortable sensation should subside.

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5. Odaban Antiperspirant

Odaban’s claims to not only be an antiperspirant, but also treatment against chaffing, athlete’s foot and sports blistering seems far-fetched, and I can’t really comment on the latter claims, but as an antiperspirant is almost unrivalled.

Odaban is a little different in its application in that it’s a spray and not a roll-on like the majority of the other products in our best antiperspirant for men review. However this does not make it any less effective.

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Get Rid of Smelly Feet with Tea Tree Oil


Smelly feet are among one of the most embarrassing conditions that many people suffer from. This can hurt their self-esteem, social life, and just taking off your shoes in general cry horror. But seriously, what causes smelly feet?


To be exact, it’s sweat and bacterium. Did you know that your foot has 250,000 sweat glands? Well, when excessive sweat is excreted from the pores of the feet, bacteria leashes into the pores and attached itself to your feet, gross isn’t it? The bacteria discharges the bad aroma, the one that you whiff each time you take off your socks.

Tea tree oil is a well-known natural remedy for curing foot odors. The astringents inside the tea tree oil will help kill fungus and bacteria. Recall that the fungus and bacteria are the culprits that cause smelly feet. Sweat is the main cause smelly feet because the bacteria love to feast on the pores of your sweat. If you can stop sweat, you can stop bacteria.


Essential item list:

  1. Tea Tree Oil
    2. Cotton balls/napkin
    3. Towel


Guided Instructions:
Before we begin, ensure that you have all the items listed above. Make sure that your feet are cleaned and dried off before starting the foot odor treatment. You really don’t need to pour that much tea tree oil, just enough to soak the cotton balls/napkin inside the tea tree oil for about 5 seconds, making sure not over-soak it; we want this to stick well on our skin.

Next, hold the soaked cotton ball firmly and wipe it all around your feet (between toes, under nails, up until above the ankles). Now after you have wiped down your entire foot with tea tree oil, let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes. Try to keep the tea tree oil on your feet as long as you can throughout the day.
If you got places to go, don’t worry, you can still wear your socks and shoes.


How long should I do this for?

It’s best recommended that you carry on with the tea tree oil treatment for about 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks. If you notice that your feet odor has gotten better, then we recommend rubbing tea tree oil 2 times a week to prevent the bacteria from coming back.


Where can I find Tea Tree Oil for my smelly feet?
Many have used tea tree oil from Herbal Authority and have had success eliminating their foot odor. Herbal Authority offers pure oil culled from the leaves of the tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). Tea tree oil is completely safe and has been used as a topical agent for the skin for centuries. purchase Tea tree oil at




Get Rid of Foot Odor with Green Tea

Smelly feet are a very common symptom in people who wears closed-toe shoes daily. But what causes smelly feet? The main cause for smelly feet is unnecessary sweating on the soles of your feet. Bacteria love to live in dark and moist areas, in other words, your shoe. When your feet sweat; bacteria leeches onto the pores of the feet and seep their way in. The aroma that bacteria gives off is smelly foot odor.

Green herbal tea has been used for thousands of years in China and is proven to have variety of great uses. The Chinese have used green herbal tea to treat colds, prevent heart disease and high-level risk of cancer due to the antioxidants released into the body, not limited to just these! But wow, would you be amazed if I told you Green herbal tea can also be used to get rid of foot odor too?! How you ask? The chemical found in herbal tea that helps disinfect and kill bacteria is called epigallocatechin by soaking our feet a bowl.


Essential items:
1. A foot bowl or anything that you can submerge your feet into
2. Water
3. 4 bags of Green Tea bags
4. A stove and pot
5. A wash cloth


Step-by-step description:

Before we start, make sure you have all the essential items covered above. Now take a pot and pour roughly a quart of water (About 5 cups of water or however much you think is enough to submerge your feet) then let it heat up on the stove.

After about 2-3 minutes, add about three to four bags of green tea into the pot; it doesn’t matter if the water isn’t hot yet. Now let it heat on the stove for approximately 10 minutes.

In the meantime, make sure you wash your feet thoroughly and completely dry with a towel. After about 10 minutes, turn off the stove and let the green tea mixture cool down for about 10-20 minutes.


Now dump the tea into a foot basin or bowl. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and begin to soak your feet into the liquid for about 25 to 30 minutes. You can watch TV or stream the internet while you’re doing this!

After you soaked your feet for 25-30 minutes, remove your feet from the bowl and dry them completely with a towel. DO NOT RINSE.

Remove your feet from the tea bath and dry them thoroughly with a towel. Do not rinse. What this does is let the antioxidants kill the bacteria on your feet.


How often should I do this?

We suggest that you repeat this process at least twice a day for a week. If you notice that your foot odor is starting to go away, then continue soaking your feet twice a week to keep the odor under control.

Remember, this is not a permanent solution to curing smelly feet. These natural remedies are only to help short-term.


Get Rid of Foot Odor with Baking Soda

If you’re here to find out how to get rid of foot odor, then you’ve come to the right place but before we begin it’s best to explain what causes smelly feet.

When you wear your shoes, how many hours do you think you wear your shoes for each day?  Maybe you’re working and you’re required to wear shoes at least for 8 whole hours, most people even longer.

The number one cause for smelly feet is too much sweat is produced at the sole of the feet. The sweat that accumulates at the soles of your feet attract bacteria that crawls into your skin. This bacteria causes the odor that you smell, definitely doesn’t smell like roses, does it? So how does baking soda get rid of foot odor?


Baking soda has variety of uses. It is used for cooking, tooth paste, treating cold sores, and many more! As you predicted from reading that baking soda can also cure smelly feet.  It has the natural ingredients to kill bacteria and fungus that dribbled into your feet.


What you will need:

  1. A foot basin or bucket to soak your feet
  2. ½ cup baking soda
  3. About 5-10 cups of warm water
  4. Lemon (not needed but recommended)
  5. A towel
  6. Something to keep you entertained


Why lemon you ask? Lemon is the world’s most natural herbal ingredients that are used for many home
remedies. Lemon can help prevent excessive sweating of the feet. As stated earlier, sweat is the number one leading cause for bad foot odor. We need to keep the sweat under control while killing the bacteria in the process.


Instructions to follow:

Pour approximately five to ten cups of warm water into the foot basin or bucket, you can just eye ball whatever you think is enough. Pour about ½ cup of baking soda into the water. Add a half cut lemon juice into the water, just skip this step if you aren’t using lemon.

Next, find a chair somewhere to sit and put the mixed solution on the ground where you will be soaking your feet. Place your feet into the solution and swish around to make sure the baking soda and/or lemon has dissolved into the water. You should keep your feet inside the solution for about 15-20 minutes.



How long should I do this for?

We recommend that you keep doing this home remedy at least 2 times a week. If you notice that the scent is starting to dissipate, then continue soaks once every 1-2 weeks.






Get Rid of Foot Odor with Apple Cider Vinegar

The main cause for smelly feet is bacteria and sweat, but mostly bacteria. Here’s why, bacteria is attracted to secretions of sweat. Once bacteria seeps into your skin, it creates a funky smell. You’ve guessed it! The bacteria creates the smelly odor that comes from your feet. But why vinegar you ask? Because vinegar has the acidic properties that bacteria can’t withstand, thus killing off any bacteria that is seeped into your skin.


What you will need:

  1. A foot basin or bucket to soak your feet into
  2. 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. 3 to 7 cups of warm water
  4. A towel


Written out Instructions:

Pour three to seven cups of warm water into the bowl you’ll be soaking your feet into. I recommend that you make it warm so that it feels more tolerable for you, unless you prefer ice cold water!

Next, pour one cup of apple cider vinegar into the water. Here goes the fun part, sit down somewhere comfortable, because you’ll be sitting there for 10-20 minutes, but don’t worry, this is where the laptop and/or TV comes in. Keep yourself occupied; it doesn’t take long to do it, only 20 minutes of your day. The longer you keep it soaked, the better.


After 20 minutes or so, the towel becomes handy, or should I say footy? Okay, no more of my corny jokes. Take out your feet and wipe down your feet dry with the towel.  Now you’re done! You can choose to either wash your feet with cold or warm water, it doesn’t matter. You can now go on with your day!


How often should you do this?

It’s recommended that you do this at least 2 times a day for a week. If you notice that your foot odor is going away, continue the remedy for at least another two weeks limiting soaks to once a day. If you feel that your odor is definitely gone, we recommend doing it once every 1-2 weeks, as a preventative measure.

Just because it’s gone doesn’t mean it can’t come back!This treatment is in no way a cure for smelly feet, vinegar only kills the bacterium that emits the bad odor.




How a Deodorant Works

Ever wondered what is in the deodorant that prevents you from developing a humiliating odor? From an obvious stench or a subtle smell that only comes when you raise your arms or remove your socks, it’s something we spend a lot of money trying to cover up.

But how does it work? It’s important to understand so that your buying choices are based on not just your preferences, but also what’s right for your body. How guide on how deodorant works is here to help.

What is in deodorant?

Deodorants are mainly cosmetic items which mask odors that normally develop through bacteria in our sweat.

Although most deodorants also have chemicals that prevent or significantly minimize sweating, the main ingredient of deodorants is an aluminium-based compound which can either be aluminium chloride or aluminium chlorohydrate. These chemicals are the reason behind why deodorant works as short-term blockage for sweat ducts and prevent sweat from emerging on the skin’s surface.

Depending on the brand you use, your deodorant may also have  phthalates (which is how deodorant works as an antiperspirant), triclosan (how deodorant works as an antibacterial), and/or propylene glycol (how deodorant works as a liquid that can absorb extra water and maintain moisture). Sprayed deodorants also contain butane and propane, both of which may cause issues when inhaled.

Although evidence is inconclusive, all of these chemicals have been raised to cause certain health issues but are all, so far, FDA-approved and are deemed non-hazardous to humans.

While most deodorants are alcohol-based to help fight bacterial build-up in sweat (which in turn ferment and cause the unwanted odor), some also come with perfume fragrances and other natural oils to mask the smell of perspiration without necessarily preventing it.


Which is the Best Deodorant for Men?
But which deodorants actually work? Which do the job that they claim they do and leave us smelling as good as we look? Ultimately you need to know: What is the best deodorant for men?

Finding an effective deodorant should not be a struggle, nor should it be a trial-and-error quest through the shelves at the supermarket. You want to find one, and be able to rely on it.

We have put together an all-inclusive guide to the best deodorant for men so that you can make that choice in confidence.

Types of Deodorant

Deodorants come in a variety of forms, and while we are not going to debate if certain types are better than others, people may well have their own preferences.

Besides the gel deodorants listed in our table above, there are two other types: Spray deodorant, and Roll-on.

Many choose gel deodorants because they offer a happy medium between wet and dry. While some may not like the wet feeling under the arms that roll-on deodorants create upon application, a lot of people feel uncomfortable with the imposing nature of sprays as well as the damage they create for the environment.

While many sprays and roll-ons tend to be exclusively deodorants, a great advantage of having a gel is that many of them act as both a deodorant and antiperspirant. If you are unsure what the difference is, then you can check out our guide here.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Deodorant for Men


  1. Degree Cool Comfort

Degree’s Cool Comfort is one of the best gel deodorants on the market, and what’s more it works as an antiperspirant as well, giving you more value for money.

What’s especially worth paying attention to with this deodorant is that it is designed for sensitive skin. Persistent use of deodorants and antiperspirants can leave your armpits with a rash, even for those of us who don’t think of ourselves as having sensitive skin. The Degree Cool Comfort deodorant however won’t cause this, making it a great choice for all skin types.

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  1. John Varvatos

Before I explain why this is in my Top 5, let me just warn you that this is expensive. There, I said it.

Now I’ve gotten that out the way, allow me to tell why it is completely worth the extra expense. At 2.6 ounces, you get more bang for your buck than with any other deodorant. It smells great (and as classy as its packaging suggests), is long-lasting, and it doesn’t leave the white marks that a lot of other deodorants leave.

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  1. Arrid XX

An unscented brand might not be for everyone, but there are plenty of people who will testify to the effectiveness and power of Arrid’s deodorant. In fact, if you’re already carrying the scent of cologne and laundry detergent, then it’ll make the potential combination less bizarre.

The lack of scent, however, does not mean a lack of effect as Arrid XX is as long-lasting as the best of them. The majority of reviews online are from customers who trust this product enough to have been using it for years. It’s certainly not difficult to see why.

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  1. Old Spice Game Day

The product in our best deodorant for men search with potentially the best name comes in the form of Old Spice Game Day. While I’m not usually one to fall for slogans or copy gimmickry, its claims to contain “the model-pleasing scent of victory” and the ability to “increase awesomeabilityness” certainly made me grin.

The product does actually work though. Bigger brands than Old Spice might pack their products full of powerful scents to compensate for their inability to prevent body odor, but Game Day has a soft scent that nullifies and prevents any smells of bacteria.

Doubled up as an antiperspirant too, it lasts all day and is great for those of you with sensitive skin too. The packaging will raise a smile or two in the morning as well.

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  1. Dove Men +Care

One of the best choices for sensitive skin, the Dove Men +Care deodorant works flawlessly.

Another deodorant that doubles up as an antiperspirant, it doesn’t irritate the skin and is smooth and moist enough to almost glide on upon application.

Dove make a bold claim by saying this offers 48-hour protection, but as long as it lasts 24 then it’s doing its job well.

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How to Remove Deodorant Stains

Other than actually exuding body odor, having deodorant stains is probably the most embarrassing aspect of a man’s appearance. Its obvious nature and ability to ruin your favorite clothes can create a huge dilemma when it comes to selecting, or even using, a deodorant.

Our guide on how to remove deodorant stains is here to help you kick that embarrassment into touch once and for all.

Before we dig into the practical steps on how to remove deodorant stains, it might be worthwhile to understand how they come to existence to begin with.

The yellowish (on whites), sometimes almost-invisible but very much present, pit stains are actually the fabric’s reaction to the aluminium in most deodorants and antiperspirants when mixed with the salts in sweat. It doesn’t develop overnight, but constant recurrence of such exposure, backed by untargeted washing eventually leads to the problem.

What can be done?

There are several options on how to remove armpit stains, many of them are (surprisingly) often found in the home.

The effectiveness of each of these remedies will vary on certain factors like how long the stains have been there (because generally, the longer the stain has been piling on, the more difficult it would be to remove), the type of shirt you need to apply the remedy on (since some types of fabric like silk, or wool, might react differently – so it is advisable to try your chosen option on a smaller hidden portion of the shirt first), or the gravity of the discoloration on the shirt itself (if you’ve tried bleaching it and found out it worsens the stain instead of clearing it). Here is a You Tube video to guide you.

DON’T BLEACH. I know, it’s the common (almost logical) initial reaction to any kind of stain, especially for white cotton shirts, but bleach has a tendency to react to the protein in sweat, turning the yellowish color even darker and more visible. So bleaching is definitely not in the how to get rid of pit stains list.

The following are a whole host of remedies that should help you to remove those hard yellow stains from around the armpit area:

  • Sprinkle meat tenderizer on the dampened portion of the shirt where the stain is before washing as usual.
  • Soak the stained portion in a solution of two crushed aspirins on half a cup of warm water for 2-3 hours.
  • Scrub the stain with a solution of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide (in a 1:2 ratio) and then let it sit for about an hour.
  • Sponge the shirt in a liter of water with 4 tablespoons of salt dissolved in it.
  • Scrub the stain with lemon juice or ammonia (diluted in a 1:1 solution)
  • Pour vinegar directly into the stain before putting it in the wash.
  • Treat the stain with a paste made from 4 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with a quarter cup of warm water. For darker stains, let the paste sit for about two hours before washing. For really dark stains, you can try to pour vinegar after the paste has dried and then wash the shirt in plain baking soda.

Prevention is better than cure

Since not sweating on the shirt (which is the simplest way to prevent pit stains) is not really an option, and the steps on how to get rid of pit stains may not always work or fit your busy schedule, you may want to take precautionary measures.

Check your deodorant’s aluminium content and aim for the lowest possible percentage (if you can’t find one entirely without). An all-natural deodorant may be your best bet. Check out our guide to the best natural deodorants here.

Alternatively, you can let your deodorant dry up before wearing your shirt to minimize rub off on the fabric, or rub the stain-prone parts before running the wash, even if they are yet to show signs of discoloration.

How to Remove Deodorant Stains – In Conclusion…

For something that is completely natural and suffered by many, a lot of time and money is spent on taking precautions to get rid of pit stains.

Personally, I would recommend making a solution from above that you can store and keep on hand for you just to dab on your shirts prior to every wash. For those of you who are busy though, I would recommend looking into products like Raise, Deo-Go or Soilove.


If this is one of your first forays into men’s perfume choices, it can be a tough endeavor. There are so many options out there and, I’m not going to lie, it can be hard to read between the pretentious product descriptions and not be put off by some of the crazy prices.

The table below features the ten fragrances that I consider to be the strongest contenders for best perfume for men.

  Perfume Size Rating
Paco Rabanne Invictus 3.4 oz  (5.0 / 5)
Burberry Brit Rhythm 3.0 oz  (4.5 / 5)
Ralph Lauren Polo Red 4.2 oz  (4.5/ 5)
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme 3.0 oz  (4.5 / 5)
Versace Eros 3.4 oz  (4.5 / 5)
Diesel Only the Brave 4.2 oz (4.5.0 / 5)
L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake 4.2 oz  (4.5 / 5)
Armani Code by Giorgio Armani 4.2 oz  (4.5.0 / 5)
Hugo Boss Bottled No. 6 Cologne 3.4 oz  (4.5 / 5)
Prada Infusion D’Homme 1.7 oz  (5.0 / 5)


Obviously a lot of this comes down to my own personal taste, but I have tried my best to be as open-minded as I can and take in factors other than scent alone: Ingredientsdurability, and value for money.

If you have any suggestions of your own then feel free to leave a comment below. I am always open to other opinions and would love to know of other fragrances out there!

So Let us get into it.


  1. Diesel Only The Brave

We start our look into the best perfume for men with Only The Brave. This comes in the form of a really unique bottle, in the shape of a clenched fist.

But does this fragrance pack a punch?

That would be a definite yes. There is no mistaking the intended user gender of Diesel’s Only The Brave: Its ensemble of clean and fresh citrus scents are supported by a strong cast of wood and spices basenotes. This is as modern and manly as they come.

Only The Brave should suit men of all scent preferences. Its fast opening of lemon and tangerine screams fresh, but that soon gives way to a more subtle amber-based waft. A more playful perfume for perhaps younger people, it probably suits the Spring and Autumn months more than it does Summer or Winter.

This is a very versatile and safe fragrance, but it doesn’t need to be applied too heavily: Just a couple of sprays and you’re good to go. What’s more, it lasts a very solid eight hours, meaning you can get through your work day smelling fresh.

This is pretty much right in the middle of the fragrance price spectrum. There is real quality in this and you are definitely paying for worthwhile value. An excellent fragrance.

Buy it at


  1. Armani Code

This is one of the most popular best sellers, and not without good reason.

Armani Code first came out in 2004, when it was then known as Black Code. It has remained a firm favorite with many men ever since then.  Time to delve into why it is regarded as one of the best perfumes for men.

What’s great about Armani Code is that I would say it’s suitable for anyone. Its scent doesn’t limit itself to just young people, or to the work place, or to evening. It can be for all of those occasions and more.

Armani Code features a citrus top note that eventually gives way to a creamy base and powdery and even a hint of smokey chocolate;  it’s a sexy scent.  Its classy slim bottle makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing fragrances on my list.

This is a good starting point if you want to get into slightly harsher and more robust fragrances. Armani Code works all year round, especially for cool summer nights.

This versatile perfume lasts 7-8 hours.

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  1. Paco Rabanne Invictus

Paco Rabanne’s incredibly popular, but Invictus is more than up to the task.

Paco Rabanne have certainly not spared anything when it comes to their marketing for Invictus: The bottle blatantly is trophy-shaped;  and they have celebrity backing in the form of former Australian rugby league player Nick Youngquest. However, while with some fragrances this may arouse suspicion as to the quality of the product itself, Invictus has more than enough about it to compete as one of the best perfumes for men.

Paco Rabanne Invictus starts off with a fresh grapefruit and citrus scent and will change to a marine smell, and then into a sweeter, delicate, almost floral scent. It’s a unique fragrance, but fair warning: It might be a bit too sweet for some. Dull it certainly isn’t.

With a near-10 hour scent, this fragrance is one of the longest-lasting out there, plus it has a strong sillage to boot. I would go as far as to claim that a single spray per application should be enough to see you through the day.

It’s sweet notes probably make this much more of a day time scent, but should you want it as an evening fragrance then at least its strong durability will see you into the night.

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  1. L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake

This fragrance from Issey Miyake first hit the shelves in 1994 and has remained a top seller since then, and for good reason. Its variety of notes set this apart from everything else out there and certainly makes it a strong contender to be our best perfume for men.

This tends to come out yearly with a new limited edition bottle (always a sign of a popular fragrance). Don’t be mistaken though, the juice inside is exactly the same.

L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme’s top notes come in the form of a range of citruses: Tarragon, coriander, mandarin and lemon. Coming in at the middle you’ll be hit with lovely spices and floral scents in the form of cinnamon, nutmeg and lily of the valley. Finishing it off at the end you’ll get cedar wood and amber (I love anything with amber).

This is a very fresh fragrance and, unlike Invictus above, it is light and suitable for all ages. Its scent is multi-purpose and fits all genres of men’s perfumes: Floral, woods and spices. The way it moves in between these phases makes it a very calming fragrance, and it will earn you compliments. Some of you might not enjoy the almost ‘unisex’ nature of this men’s perfume, but for all-purpose perfumes, they don’t come any better than L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme.

Although this could be worn all year-round, it’s floral notes mean that there’s no mistaking that this is a summer fragrance (and probably the best!). However, unlike a lot of summer fragrances, this stuff lasts. With a quick four sprays, I’d expect to get 8-10 hours out of this stuff.

L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme comes in a variety of sizes and it is fantastic value. If you like fresh and marine, then this is the one for you.

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  1. Prada Infusion D’Homme

Fashion brands dipping their toe in the realm of fragrances doesn’t often go well, but Prada have done very well with Infusion d’Homme since its fairly recent release in 2008. In fact, they have manufactured it so well that I rate this as the best perfume for men.

Infusion d’Homme ticks most, if not all, of the boxes with note of citrus, iris and cedar wood, with the former two being its high notes and the latter coming in in the mid. This sits somewhere between citrus and flowery, and then calms down to a green woody feel. Make no mistake, this is a classy fragrance that would fit right in in the work environment. Basically, if you wear a tie then this is for you.

This is a very subtle fragrance that doesn’t require a lot of sprays; just a couple to the chest and/or neck and you’re set. Prada Infusion d’Homme is clean, sharp and powdery. Its scent is one of the most modern and long-lasting, lying somewhere between 8 to 10 hours.

The only people who might be disappointed with this are fans of spice-heavy fragrances. There is a touch of it, and certainly enough to define itself as a men’s fragrance, but perhaps not enough to satisfy the most ardent of spice fanatics.

Prada Infusion practically oozes luxury and sophistication but it doesn’t completely price itself out of your reach. Yes, it is a touch more expensive than some of the other products on our list, but this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for.

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The Two Main Types of Men’s Electric Shavers.

There are two main types of mens electric shavers currently available on the market.  Those two types include the rotary and the foil.  While some men may claim that one works better than the other, it really depends upon what type of shaving of you’ll be using your electric shaver for.

Rotary Shaver

Rotary shavers normally come with two to three rotating blades that are able to slightly conform to the contours of your face.  Most rotary shavers are able to tackle longer hairs, better than foil shavers.  That means this shaver may work better for those who like let their hair get a little longer between each shave.

In general rotary shavers are known for being much quieter than foil shavers, but dont expect to get quite as close a shave as youd get with a foil razor.  They also tend to be easier for shaving difficult sections such as the chin and neck.

Foil Shaver

Foil shavers work by using oscillating blades that are found underneath a very thin, perforated foil screen.  They are louder than rotary shavers, but tend to be more preferred overall by men.  The reason for this preference stems from men reporting a closer shave when using a foil shaver versus a rotary shaver.

Your preference may vary however, as satisfaction in a product is directly associated with every users personal preferences.  Foil shavers in general give a closer shave than most rotary razors, but you wont get quite as close a shave if you were using a manual razor.

Other Important Features of Mens Electric Shavers

There are plenty of other features to consider before buying the first electric shaver you come across.  You can search our ever-growing database of extensive shaver reviews to give you a better feel for the quality of any shaver you are considering to purchase, as well as what customers have had to say about particular shavers.

Here is a list of features that youll want to think about before purchasing a shaver:

  • Washable
  • Automatic Cleaning Base
  • Pop-Up Trimmers
  • Noise Levels
  • LCD Display
  • Battery Life
  • Wet/Dry Capabilities

By finding a shaver that incorporates your favorite functions, and has an excellent rating, you’ll be able to make a much smarter purchasing decision.


  1. Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver Review


Most men surely want to look neat when they are leaving home for work. For this purpose, they need to wake up earlier to shave their facial hair. Overgrown facial hair is not only disturbing but also makes men look dirty. Thankfully, there is Philips Aqua Touch AT890that can become men’s best shaving partner. Shaver is a must to have grooming tool for men who have beard, moustache or sideburns because it helps removing and trimming them. With a shaver, especially an electric shaver, all men can have their desired appearance without wasting their morning.

Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Features

Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver with Trimmer always becomes a great choice for men because it has some great features. They are:

  • Wet and dry shaving technology. Having this electric shaver allows you to shave both in wet and dry condition. With its lift and cut shaving heads, you can have close yet irritation free shave. As a result, whether it is wet or dry shave, it will always be comfortable.
  • Efficient rechargeable power. This shaver can be charged efficiently. Once fully charged, it can be used up to 2 weeks or 14 shaves. However, if you forget to charge but you need to use it, you just need to charge it for 3 minutes to be able to use it for one time.
  • Protection from cuts. There are caps that cover the razors, giving you full protection when trying for close shave. This allows you to have your desired neat appearance without feeling hurt.
  • Dual precision shaving. This shaver has three ultra thing heads that are separated to give ways for all hair to enter. As a result, all types of hair can be trimmed perfectly. Whether it is short or long hair, it will not be missed.

The Pros and Cons of Using Philips Aqua Touch AT890


The followings are the advantages that you will reap if you buy Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver with Trimmer:

  • It is an energy saving shaver. You do not need to wait for a long time to have the shaver fully charged. It only needs 1 hour to be fully charged. Once it is fully charged, it can last for 2 weeks. If you usually shave every day, you can use a fully charge shaver for 14 days.
  • The design is stylish. It has blue body and grey and white fitting, making it pleasant to use. If you are a man who pays lots of attention to details, this great design and color is certainly a plus factor.
  • It is a good product for sensitive skin. Some men have sensitive skin, causing them some irritation when they use a shaver. With this product, men with sensitive skin possibly have clean shaves without any hurt and irritation.
  • Because it is 100% waterproof, you just need one shaver for wet and dry shaving. This is a great way to save money, isn’t it?

However, even though this shaver is recommended, there are some drawbacks that you need to know before making a purchase. They are:

  • It is not the best choice for thicker beard due to the razors and design.
  • You will need a longer time to have a perfectly shaved face. Usually, it will take 15 minutes to get a perfect result.

What Will You Get When Buying This Shaver

If you purchase Philips Aqua Touch AT890, you will get the electric shaver, a shower hanger, traveling pouch, cleaning brush for shaver heads, protection cap for shaver heads, power lead to charge the built in rechargeable battery, user guide, and 2 year guarantee card in the package. This complete package enables you to shave and bring the shaver to anywhere easily.


The Philips Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver with Trimmer is a perfect choice for you who are looking for affordable shaver that can be used for wet and dry shaves. Its features allow you to enjoy the benefits of more expensive shavers without spending lots of money. Thus, if you are ready to experience an electric shaver for the first time, this shaver should be your choice.

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2. Panasonic ESLV95-s Wet and Dry Shaver Review


These days, choosing a shaver can be overwhelming and daunting because there are lots of options out there. As when you want to buy a 5 blade shaver, you definitely can find several brands on the market. In this case, you should choose a shaver that perfectly meets your needs because each 5 blade shaver has different characteristics and specifications. Panasonic ESLV95 is a worth to consider product that will make your shaving time easy, fast and enjoyable. If you usually take a long time and lots of efforts to shave, you will no longer have such experience with this shaver.

Panasonic ESLV95 Features

This Panasonic 5 blade shaver has many great features that make it stand out of the rest. They are:

  • It is easy to maintain because it has an automatic self cleaning and charging system. This system avoids you from wasting your time clean and charge.
  • 5 blades cutting system with 14,000 rpm motor allows users to shave their facial hair a half time faster than other shavers. If you are in a hurry, this shaver is certainly a great help to make your face clean from hair.
  • Stubble sensor shaving technology can adjust to the thickness of your facial hair so that you can always get the best result, no matter how thick your hair is.

It is a wet and dry shaver which means that it can be used with water, foam or gel. This allows you to shave more easily and conveniently because you can use any shaving products that you already have.

  • Multi fit arc blades enable you to shave all areas easily without causing irritation.
  • It is able to detail trimming by performing horizontal pop up trimming for your moustache and sideburns. As a result, whatever area you want to shave, you can have the best result.

The Pros and Cons of Using Panasonic ESLV95

If you buy this new Panasonic top of the range shaver, you will be able to enjoy the followings great advantages:

  • You will be able to clean your facial hair fast. It works much faster than its competitors because it uses a 14,000 rpm motor while other shavers use 10,000 rpm motor. You no longer need to wake very early just to spend most of your time to shave your facial hair because this shaver can help removing it fast.
  • The shaving result is incomparable. It really shines, making it the best choice for an electric shaver.
  • Your facial hair can be removed perfectly, no matter how thick it is. If you usually need to use a different shaver for different area, you do not need to do it anymore. You can is it to shave your beard or trim your moustache or sideburns.
  • It is an electric shaver that feels like a safety shaver. When you are using it, you do not have any worry feeling that it will hurt you due to its great design.

Because this shaver is second to none, there is surely only one disadvantage of it. The price is the highest among its competitors, making it hard for you who cannot afford the price.

What Will You Get When You Buy This Shaver

Upon your purchase of Panasonic ESLV95, you will receive the shaver, a charger, travel lock switch, and travel case in the package. This means that you can bring your shaver and charger more easily. The shaver also comes with 2 year guarantee. This certainly gives you peace of mind due to the fact that the price is quite expensive.


As a premium electric shaver that has self cleaning and charging system and offers maximum comfort, the Panasonic ESLV95 is definitely worth to choose by all men who want to look neat without disturbing facial hair every morning. As a product from Japan, it is definitely a quality electric shaver.

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3. Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo Shaver


A few days without shaving are enough to change your face and make it to look like a mess. Overgrowth hair in the face is something that will be experienced by many men. This is why shaving has become a routine for a man. But when it goes to a fast shaving, there will always be a big question. How to do it without cutting your face? Braun CoolTec has the answer for this. But before making a decision and buying this shaver, let’s take a look the review first.

Braun CoolTec Features

Braun CoolTec is a compact electronic shaver. To give the good result, this shaver featured by several features. Here they are the key features of this product.

  • Active cooling technology. Shaving becomes more comfortable thanks to this. With this feature, this shaver can cool the skin automatically. It happens while you shave.
  • Adaptable cutting system. The 3 stage cutting system also include shaving elements that following the facial contour.
  • SensoBlade technology. It captures the hairs in the different directions and makes shaving smoother than before.
  • Precision trimmer
  • Quick charge
  • This shaver is also good in wet or dry environment. Even you can use it under the shower.



The Pros and the Cons of Braun CoolTec


Braun CoolTec is fully with advantages that allows you to shave easier.

  • This shaver gives a close shave. You can get the clean shave with it. It also shaves mustache and bread very well.
  • Very comfortable for the skin. It is cool and feels nice on your skin. This is because of the cooling feature.
  • The travel lock feature will keep the razor from turning on, especially in your baggage.
  • Braun CoolTec is very good in build quality. It feels solid and durable enough.

Although this shaver is really good in the performance, it also has some cons that you also need to know.

  • As a travel shaver, it can be a serious problem. But anyway, it stills easy to use and easy to take anywhere you need it.
  • This shaver is not good for shaving the next hair. For people who need a razor for shaving this area, they will not get what they really need from it.


What inside the Box?

In the box, you will get the shaver. Along with it, there are cord set and charging stand. If you want to pick it for traveling, you will need a pocket. But unfortunately, this is not available inside the box.


Overall, Braun CoolTec is a really good product. This is well built and feels comfortable in the hand. It works well and accommodate the common needs too. For shaving mustache and the beard, you will absolutely get the close cut. Getting the clean shave is just for sure. But the best thing about this shaver is about the comfort. Thanks to the active cooling technology, shaving will be so comfortable. It feels cool on the skin. The adaptable cutting system allows you to shave easier too. You do not need to worry about graze anymore. But if you have a serious problem with your hair neck, this shaver is not for you. It cannot shave the hair neck very well. Although you can make it, you will not make it well. This razor is also pretty heavy. You may have a problem with it, especially while trimming your mustache or beard. With very minimalist stuff inside the box, you will get a home use razor only. You may need to buy the other accessories separately.

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4. Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )


Shaving well and safely, this is really possible now. With an electric razor, people can get it and shave faster too. The various razors are also available with their unique features. But when it goes to a good razor, everybody has a certain name. And talking about the reliable razor, the name of Philips will always be on the list. Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 ) is one of the latest razor generation from Philip. It stills adopting the previous design language. But one thing for sure, it has equipped with the better features for the better performance.

Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )

Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 ) has several features. Those features include:

  • Cordless and ergonomic design. It makes the razor easy to hold and get the optimum control. Beside it, it also equipped with built in trimmer that offers the ideal precision specifically for moustache and sideburns.
  • Rotary head. This technology gives the better comfort to the users by distributing the pressure over the face. As the result, it reduces irritation. Rotary head is more durable and resistant. Beside it, it is also less mess.
  • Aquatec technology makes it so versatile. Wet or dry shave is no problem.
  • UltraTrack Shaving System
  • GyroFlex 3D Contouring that follow the natural contour of your face.
  • JetClean cleaning system. This feature allows you to clean this shaver easier.

The Pros and the Cons of Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )


Using this shaver is very beneficial. You can get the advantages including:

  • Shaving with comfort. The ergonomic design will help you to hold this razor and shave your moustache and sideburns easily. Thanks to the rotary head and the SkinGlade, you can shave without worrying about irritability.
  • The advanced numeric display allows you to see the battery status.
  • Fast charging for the longer use. Only with 1 hour charge, you can get 1 hour shaving power. And with 3 minutes of quick charge, you can use it for a shave.
  • Provide the great precision for moustache and sideburns.
  • This razor is more resistant to tear and wear. Beside it, Philips norelco 1280x/42 sensotouch 3d is also less mess. It can capture hairs and store them before disposal.
  • Easy to use, even in the shower.
  • Easy to clean

This shaver is really good. But of course, it also has some cons. These are the cons to note about this product.

  • Overall, this shaver looks well built. But when it comes to the slider that push the trimmer, it looks fragile enough. It was made from the thin plastic and easy to break, especially if you this product so often.
  • In a few cases, there is a serious charging problem. The battery life is also easy to drop.
  • The sideburn trimmer is too small.
  • The replacement head price is so expensive.
  • The price is so expensive.


What inside the Box?

When you buy this shaver, you will get several stuff inside the box. Those are including the shaver, luxury pouch, charging stand, power cord, protective cap and a cleaning brush.


Overall, this product is really good. It has the elegant design and the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold. The cordless design is not something new in this time. But the good thing about this razor is the battery life time. In a full charge, you can use it up to 60 minutes. The quick charge allows you to charge is quickly and use it for a single shave. But be careful with the razor head. This is so fragile. When you break it, you have to pay a lot of money to make Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 (Model 1290X/46 )

work again.

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5. Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver Review


A reliable and powerful electric shaver is what most men need to keep themselves well groomed and looking great. Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 is designed to fulfill their desire and to give them the best shaving result. Priced at nearly $200, this electric shaver is indeed among the most expensive electric shavers available; however, its ergonomic design, its technologies and its powerful features ensure that it will be the man’s best investment that will give him more than enough satisfaction and pride when using it.


Reasons to Buy Panasonic ES-LV81-K


Panasonic ES-LV81-K electric shaver is one of the best electric shavers that men will surely adore. As a state-of-the-art electric shaver for man, it offers many great features that can be explained as follows.

  • It uses multiple foil patterns that make sure that no hair will remain uncut on the shaven skin.

There are three foil patterns that this electric shaver has. The first is lift-tech foil that sweeps the surface of the skin, lifts flat lying hair and makes it stand upright, and makes the hair ready for cutting. The second is finishing foil that finishes off even the most stubborn hair strands. The third is slit foil that is effective in dealing with long hair. Cutting long hair will be much easier and faster with this foil present on the shaver.

  • It uses non-allergenic nanotech blades.

Its nanotech blades ensure precision cut and are non-allergenic. They are suitable for all skin conditions and they can make sure that shaving session will be quick and comfortable. Five floating blades of the shaver make sure that no hair will left on your face, chin and neck after you finish your shaving session. Both the blades and the foil need to be replaced at least once every year to ensure their optimal performance.

  • Its pivoting head ensures complete control of shaving area.

Both the foil and blades are installed on a pivoting head that hugs the contour of your face, chin, jaw, and neck. The head will flow smoothly and flexibly on your skin and there will be no part that is too difficult to reach.

  • It uses powerful motor to ensure fast shaving that doesn’t cause irritation.

Its motor cycles 14,000 times every minute, making it one of the fastest motors for an electric shaver. With this fast motor, there will be no tugging or pulling sensation. Your shaving session is guaranteed to be irritation-free.

  • It is waterproof.

With an LCD panel, the shaver looks as if it cannot resist moisture. The fact is that it is completely waterproof and you can use it in both wet and dry shaving sessions.

  • You can charge its battery while cleaning it.

Its cleaning station functions not only as its cleaning equipment, but also charging one. After concluding your shaving session, you can leave it in the cleaning station both to clean and to charge it.

With all of those powerful features present in one electric shaver, there is always a good reason to have it. The only problem you may be concerned with is its price. However, because the shaver will always do the best in clearing your face and neck from hair, it is obviously the best investment that guarantees your everlasting manliness.


Panasonic ES-LV81-K electric shaver is enhanced with many powerful features, including 3 foils and nanotech blades that ensure close, fast and comfortable shave; pivoting head; and powerful motor. Although it is still considered a pricey shaver, it will surely become your favorite one after you buy it.

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6. Braun series 5 5090cc electric shaver

Braun 5090cc electric shaver is a sporty shaver for active gentlemen. Accentuating a masculine design with its rugged profile and look that makes statement, this electric shaver will be every man’s lovable shaver. The shaver is powerful not only in its look, but also in its performance. Even for shaving very thick Santa’s beard, the shaver will run smoothly and quickly on the surface of thkin pressure is not needed to ensure close shave. The pivoting head of this shaver also makes sure that no part of your face is too difficult for this shaver to reach.

Braun 5090cc electric shaver features

Braun 5090cc electric shaver offers a number of features that make it the number one electric shaver for men. Its most accentuating features can be broken down as follows.

  • Convenient and comfortable shaving with less skin pressure

Just let the shaver float on your skin and your hair will disappear. Irritation will not be a problem anymore if you use this shaver.

  • PowerDrive technology to enhance its shaving power

With this technology, you will not feel the difference between shaving thin hair and shaving thick one. Braun Series 5 5090cc allows you to shave even the thickest hair with ease.

  • OptiFoil structure allows the foil to give clean and extremely close shave.

OptiFoil is Braun’s exclusive foil design that allows the foil to run deep on the surface of your skin and to restore its smoothness by removing even the thinnest hair on it.

  • ActiveLift middle trimmer that sets flat lying hair upright and cuts it

ActiveLift is another Braun’s patented feature ensuring that no hair will be left on the skin. The biggest problem during a shaving session is that hair that lies flat on the skin cannot be cut by the shaver. Thanks to this patented middle trimmer, all flat lying hair will stand upright and be ready for cutting.

  • Lockable pivoting head that explores all parts of the skin evenly

The pivoting head of this shaver allows it to move freely and flexibly on the surface of the skin. No part of the skin is too difficult to reach if this shaver is used and a shaving session will mostly be fun. The head can always be locked whenever necessary. Five different shaver-head angles are available for locking purpose.

  • 4-action cleaning station ensures that the shaver will always be new.

A cleaning station that performs four actions: cleaning, charging, lubricating, and selecting a cleaning program, accompanies the shaver. This cleaning station will make sure that your shaver will always be clean and new. While you clean your shaver, you can have its battery charged.

Braun series 5 5090cc Pros and Cons

This electric shaver offers everything that a man needs to enjoy a close, comfortable and fast shave of his facial hair. Its design accentuates masculinity and sportiness and its power in shaving both thin and thick hair is beyond question. The only thing you will be concerned about it is perhaps its price. If you rarely spend more than $100 to buy a shaver, this shaver may not be your best choice.


Braun 5090cc electric shaver is everything that a man needs. Even for people who consider it an expensive shaver, it is still a worthwhile investment. It is great for cleaning thin and flat lying hair and powerful and fast for cleaning thick hair. Its battery is so powerful that you can continue shaving your hair for 45 minutes without having to charge it. You can even charge it after you finish your shaving session while you clean the shaver.

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7. Philips Norelco 1150x/46 Shaver 6100 Gives New Meaning On Perfect Shaver


Comparing to other shaving machine that you have tried over the years,  you’re definitely agree that Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100gives the best convenient to your routine. Indeed, shaving has already become a routine for men. It’s something that they’ve been doing for years.  Throughout all those years, you must have tried different shaving machine, whether it’s the electric or the conventional one.  There’s always good news from men who have tried on this electric shaver.

It definitely gives the best experience. It can smoothly roll down around your facial contour, reach all the curves of your face. Then, it gives the best result of clean shaved face without any skin irritation. Even if you have let your facial hair to grow out for some time, this shaver won’t find any trouble to shave it all. Indeed, this is the best companion for any man who wants to have clean fresh look every morning.

In the past, Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 was known as SensoTouch 1150X/46, but to make it much simpler and easier you can just call it as Shaver 6100. This change of name is also followed with change of packaging. For more comfort in using this shaver, Philips uses Gyroflex 2D contour following system, a design that allows this electric shaver to easily slide on facial contour to reach all the curves and shave facial hair.

This design also helps to minimize irritation as it also uses minimum pressure on the skin, preventing the blades from touching the skin. It still have SkinGlide technology that can shave the surface smoothly. This feature makes the blades able to work freely and slides smoothly over the skin for much easier shave without leaving any cuts on the skin. Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 also gets dual precission heads that come with slots and it works effectively on shaving longer facial hair. When other electric shavers fail to do the job due to the length of the hair, Shaver 6100 won’t let you down. It will get straight to work and give perfectly clean face. It has different types of blade designed for different shaving purpose. One of the blades is even able to cut facial hair from below skin level without causing any irritation. Great precision on each cut is something that Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 is truly proud of. It even gives the best precision in shaving moustache and side burn, all thanks to the powerful blades that this shaver get.

This electric shaver can be used on both wet or dry shaving. You can use it in any way that you’re comfortable with. It won’t find any problem if you use it on dry shaving. If you feel more comfortable with wet shaving, you are free to apply shaving foam or gel before using this electric shaver.

Great technology is not the only thing that this electric shaver offer. Even if the machine has complete features, it won’t get high popularity if people don’t find comfort in using it. Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 uses small and compact design, this electric shaver is truly comfortable on your grib. It won’t be too heavy or too bulky in your hand. It won’t get slipped easily too. While using this electric shaver, you will find wireless technology as your life saviour. You won’t get your hands tangled with the cords. This electric shaver is supported with Lithium-Ion battery which makes it the perfect companion when you are travelling. It’s quickly charged too. With such amazing result and easy usage, Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100 will be the best companion to every man’s morning routine.

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Best 3 Electric Tooth Brushes


There is a huge selection of electric toothbrushes out there and there’s not doubt that choosing the right one for you can be a tough task. However, it becomes even tougher when you must attempt to choose the right electric toothbrush for you – on a budget.

Well, that’s where I come in to help. The whole aim of this article right here is to help those of you who can’t justify spending ludicrous amounts of money on a toothbrush but still want the exceptional cleaning powers of an electric model. I aim to show you the top 3 electric toothbrushes for under $120 – or in other words, which toothbrushes are going to get you the best value for your money.


  1. Oral-B Smart Series 5000

This Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review is based on a fantastic electric toothbrush from Oral-B which is sure to put a sparkling smile on your face. This is a truly innovative product which is packed with features all with the goal of ensuring that you have a clean and healthy mouth, teeth and gums. The deep cleaning action removes a very high % of plaque from even those hard to reach areas in your mouth – this combined with the gentle design, whitening action and a huge choice of brushing modes makes for one hell of an electric toothbrush. For full details on all of this products features as well as a complete review please read on.


Key Features of the Oral-B Smartseries 5000


At the beginning of every review, I like to try and find a video which offers a quick overview of the product for you (the reader) before you jump right into the rest of the details below. The video I’ve found for today is very informative – in fact at just over 9 minutes this video may be too informative for some of you – but it does a good job of talking about most of the key features, which is really all that matters. Enjoy the video, and just below it, you’ll find full details on all of the features which this toothbrush offers as well as a complete review.



  • A Truly Deep Clean. This innovative electric toothbrush is said to have cleaned up to 99.7% of plaque from those hard to reach areas of your mouth in tests while the user had “deep clean mode” activated – more on the different modes below! This toothbrush provides a truly “dentist clean” feel.
  • Powerful but Gentle.Clearly, judging by the plaque cleaning % mentioned above, this toothbrush clearly has enough power behind it to get the job done. However, while power is important, it is also essential to remember that your teeth are sensitive and must also be treated with care. Oral-B realize this and have included a few features which means that the Smart series 5000 is gentle but thorough all at the same time;

o    The whole design of this toothbrush from the inner workings right to the bristles is all geared towards delivering fantastic cleaning power while being kind to teeth.

o    There is also a neat pressure sensor feature which stops the pulsations of the brush if you’re brushing a little to vigorously.

  • Amazing Whitening. Another unique feature about this electric toothbrush is that Oral-B says that over about three weeks of use it will provide outstanding whitening and polishing for your teeth – and indeed in the tests conducted it seems that the majority of people noticed a significant difference in the whiteness of their teeth.
  • Choice of 5 Different Brushing Modes.As mentioned above, here’s the different modes available to the user;

o    Daily Clean.

o    Sensitive.

o    Whitening.

o    Massage.

o    Deep Clean.

  • Some Other Small but Useful Features;

o    Clock. A little stand timer which indicates when you should move to different areas of your mouth also doubles as a digital clock when not brushing.

o    Small Neat Stand + Charger. The charging stand for this toothbrush is very unobtrusive and won’t take up much space at all in your bathroom. Another great advantage of this is that it makes it very easy to take this toothbrush with you when traveling.

  • Brand You Can Trust. Oral-B is the number one most recommended toothbrush brand worldwide. If that’s not a brand that you can trust, then I really don’t know what is!

An Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review

I’d like to start this Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review by talking about the reaction of the customers to this amazing product. There has been an astounding response from anyone who has bought this toothbrush, and this is truly reflected in the ratings which customers have left. Over 400 customers elected to grant this electric toothbrush either a 4 or 5 star review and when you compare this to the less than 50 customers who decided to rate this product with 3 stars or less you start to see what I mean.


Well, the primary function of a toothbrush is cleaning right – so I think that would be the most appropriate place to start this review! There’s a lot of big talk from Oral-B about how well this toothbrush has preformed in tests with the impressive 99.7% plaque removal rate which I’ve stated above. But the question is, do the customers agree with these statements? Obviously, the customers aren’t going to measure plaque levels in terms of % like Oral-B has – well, maybe some of them more pedantic ones will – but, in general customers have commented that they really feel that this product lives up to all of the hype. This electric toothbrush manages to give that deep “dentist clean” cleaning after every single time you brush, which is an amazing feat because those dentists have some seriously powerful equipment. The Oral-B Smartseries 5000  does a great job of thoroughly cleaning your teeth, gums and mouth with ease as well as polishing and whitening your teeth over the space of only three weeks. Oh, and yes – the customers have been just as impressed with it’s whitening and polishing abilities as they were with it’s cleaning abilities.

If there is one single con to be mentioned in this Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review, it is the fact that this toothbrush is a little bit noisier than your traditional, boring, non-electric one. But, I guess that was to expected. In any case, when I say a “little bit noisier” I do mean just a little bit – this toothbrush won’t be waking your neighbors or roommates or anything like that! I don’t know about you – but I’d be willing to put up with a little noise to benefit from the amazing cleaning that this toothbrush is capable of.

They have also commented how much the like the smaller additional features offered by this toothbrush. These are of course the small things like the brushing timer which doubles as a clock and the fact that the toothbrush itself will pulse after you have been brushing for two minutes and then again after four, and so on. This is just a simple feature to help you keep track of how long you’ve been brushing – a nice touch. The customers also really appreciated the little warning pulsation that occurs when you’re brushing too hard. These are small and somewhat peripheral features, but they’re still some nice additions!

In conclusion to this Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Review, I must say that this is an amazing and genuinely useful product. It provides and amazing deep clean, removing the vast majority of all of the plaque in your mouth while evenly mixing in some smaller somewhat peripheral features. All that this toothbrush has to offer, combined with the world-renowned Oral-B brand name mean that this product is worth even more than its somewhat above average price tag. If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra for one of the best electric toothbrushes available today, then you should seriously consider the Oral-B Smartseries 5000.

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2. Oral-B 4000

This Oral-B 4000 is based on what is possibly the best value for money toothbrush that you’ll ever come across in the next few years. This is an amazing product from Oral-B (as usual) which comes packed with not only the basic features of an electric toothbrush but also a heap of additional peripheral features which really add to the whole package. From complete plaque removal to amazing gum care and a fantastic hard shell travel case this toothbrush has it all – and at an amazingly modest price.



Key Features of the Oral-B 4000


Usually I like to try and find a video overview of a product before starting off the review, but unfortunately I was unable to find a suitable one for this review. But, let’s not fret over this and instead move right along to the full list of details features which you will find below. As always, there will be a complete review of the Oral-B 4000  just below the list of features.


  • No More Plaque. Yes, you heard me right, with this tooth brush you’ll never have to worry about plaque again as it effectively removes 99.7% of all plaque even from those tough to reach crevices in your mouth. This is achieved thanks to the whopping 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations which this electric toothbrush can churn out every minute.
  • Gentle, Whole Mouth Care. The 4000 from Oral-B is designed to be gentle but thorough at the same time so that it can effectively clean while also being kind and not causing pain. Not only is this toothbrush great at cleaning your teeth but it will also keep your gums nice and clean so that you can have an entirely healthy mouth.
  • Whiter Teeth Guaranteed. Give this toothbrush a chance and in a mere three weeks you will see a significant difference in the whiteness of your teeth. This is possibly without even the need for polish as the Oral-B 4000 can easily remove those surface stains on your teeth which can occur from things such as coffee.
  • Choice of Modes.Once again, there are several different modes available with this toothbrush for you to choose from;

o    Daily Clean Mode.

o    Sensitive Mode.

o    Whitening Mode.

o    Deep Clean Mode.

  • Replace Brush Head Alert.
  • Pressure Sensor. A thorough brushing is good, but it’s also important that you don’t brush too hard because this can be bad for your teeth and gums. The great thing about an electric toothbrush is that you can let it do all the cleaning work for you … and with this in mind, Oral-B have included a neat little sensor which will alert you should you ever begin to put too much pressure on your teeth and gums with the brush.
  • Great for Travel. This is a great choice for those of you who need a toothbrush for traveling as it can be used for up to 2 weeks after a full charge and also comes with a great little hard shell travel case to ensure your precious Oral-B electric toothbrush is kept safe and sound in your baggage.


Oral-B 4000 Review

The very first thing which I’ll mention in this Oral-B 4000 Review is that this product only recently available on Amazon and as such there isn’t all that many reviews Well, this is a toothbrush so I think the first aspect to be discussed is how well does it clean your teeth and mouth. The short answer is that it does an exceptional job of cleaning your teeth and does remove what seems to be the claimed 99.7% of plaque. but I’m not going to be concerned over 0.3% and just say that it removes all of the plaque. Not only does it do an exceptional job and cleaning your teeth but it also does an exceptional job and cleaning your gums as well to give you that whole mouth fresh feeling.  Gum disease is a big problem for many people, especially for those who are starting to get a little bit older so it’s a very good idea to invest in an electric toothbrush like this one which can help to keep your gums, as well as your teeth clean. As if keeping your teeth and gums clean wasn’t good enough – the customers on Amazon have also been impressed with the teeth whitening abilities of this toothbrush as it effectively removes surface stains caused by things such as coffee to whiten your teeth in as little as three weeks.

The next thing to talk about in this Oral-B 4000 Review is that customers seem to be very fond of the different modes which you’re able to select to fit your current brushing needs. Of course, the daily clean mode speaks for itself and should be used twice daily to keep your teeth, gums and mouth fresh and healthy. The other modes are somewhat peripheral although still very nice to have available – the whitening and deep clean especially appeal to me because they’re functions which go beyond a standard cleaning and take it to the next level of exceptional all over mouth hygiene.

There are a few alert feature built into this electric toothbrush which are definitely peripheral, but very useful all the same. What I’m speaking about is of course the smart timer, pressure sensor, and replacement brush head alert. The smartimer will ensure that you get the perfect whole mouth clean every single time while the pressure sensor will keep you from damaging your brush heads or hurting your gums. The replacement brush head alert is simply very convenient as it means you’ll never be caught out again having to look for a new brush head just as your current one gets too worn – with 10 days warning you’ve plenty of time to get a replacement brush head ready to go!

I’ll conclude this Oral-B 4000 Review by saying that this is a truly fantastic electric toothbrush and does continue to hold up the fantastic brand name which Oral-B has built up over the last number of years. Not only is this an exceptional toothbrush which is packed with features – it also comes with an amazingly modest price tag. At less than $120 at the time of writing, this is perhaps the toothbrush which will offer the most value for money. If you want a high quality electric toothbrush which will keep your mouth healthy and clean, at a more than fair price then look no further.

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3. Sonicare DiamondClean 

This Sonicare DiamondClean Review is based on what is possibly the best electric toothbrush available today. Well, if it’s not the absolute best then it’s most certainly the best that I have ever reviewed for this website. It takes everything that Sonicare toothbrushes have done brilliantly in the past and then does them all better. Jam packed with features such as the famed Sonicare Sonic Technology, exceptional teeth whitening and some fantastic travel features, this toothbrush is sure to keep you smiling. Read on for a full list of detailed features as well as a complete review.




Key Features of the Sonicare DiamondClean

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a decent video to provide an overview of this product so let’s just dive right into the thick of the detailed feature list, which will, of course, be followed by a complete review, as always.

  • Sonic Technology. The DiamondClean features the amazingly innovative sonic technology, as do most electric toothbrushes in the Sonicare range. This is an amazing bit of technology which essentially uses sonic waves to force water through your teeth and loose plaque while at the same time the unique diamond shaped bristles brush away the plaque for a total clean.
  • Cleans More Than Teeth. This is clinically proven to the health of your gums in just two weeks. The brush is specifically designed to follow along with your gum line to remove up to 100% of plaque from those hard to reach places to give you an exceptionally clean and healthy mouth. Another nice feature is that this toothbrush has been proven to whiten teeth in as little as one week – this is because it removes many of the surface stains which other toothbrushes cannot.
  • Choice of Cleaning Modes.Once again with a Sonicare product we are presented with a choice of operating modes to fit our current needs;

o    Clean Mode.

o    White Mode.

o    Polish Mode.

o    Gum Care Mode.

o    Sensitive Mode.

More Features of the Sonicare DiamondClean

  • Smartimer. Dentists worldwide commonly recommend that 2 minutes is the optimal amount of time that you should brush your teeth for, morning and night.
  • Unique Charging Stand. Well ok, it’s not really a charging stand per see it’s actually a glass which sits on a medium-voltage stand and all you have to do is leave your Sonicare DiamondClean in the glass to be charged. Yes, you can take the glass off the stand and use it to rinse your mouth out also. This has the advantage of looking a lot more traditional and somewhat sleeker than a big bulky charging stand sitting in your bathroom.
  • Great Choice for Traveling. After a full charge this electric toothbrush will work at full power for up to 3 weeks (2 minutes of brushing, twice a day), and what this means is that for short-term holidays you won’t even need to charge it at all! However, for added convenience Sonicare has included little travel charger which can be used with any outlet or a USB port – a very nice touch. Also included is a neat little travel case.
  • Warranty. Should you choose to buy from Amazon, you will be covered for any immediate problems should they occur by their amazing customer support services and policies. Also included is a 2-year limited warranty from Sonicare and a 28 day return period if you’re not entirely satisfied with your new electric toothbrush.
Buy at





Settling for the best beard oil is a challenge to most men. This is because anything that touches the skin needs attention and proper research to avoid skin reactions. Beard oils have been around for years, but of late they are indeed gaining popularity to the modern man. This is due to its medicinal and aesthetic properties.

Beard is as important as any hair in the body. It needs to be taken care of and moisturized regularly. However, picking the best beard oil can be a nightmare especially for the time constrained men.





One major problem men with a beard can attest to is the continuous itchiness commonly referred to as beardruff. This happens when the skin becomes dry due to reduced sebum produced by to nourish your hair follicles.

From the diagram above, the sebaceous gland produces sebum that is oil to keep the hair follicle moisturized and healthy. However, as the hair continues to grow, it reaches a point where the sebum produced cannot be able to nourish the hair follicles. This makes the skin dry up and hence the itchiness experienced.

This is where beard oil comes in handy. It provides the oil needed to moisturize the beard making it soft and strong- no more excess beard falling when combing it.



At this point, you are familiar with beardruff and how it comes about. Beard oils are made of natural oils that try and enrich the hair follicles mimicking sebum produced by the skin.

Therefore, the best beard oil should clear the beardruff leaving the beard moisturized and soft.


Natural Ingredients

Beard oil contains two types of oils; Carrier oils and Essential oils. A carrier oil is simply the base and the most important part of the beard oil. It is the natural form that nourishes the skin and the hair. It is also used to drive the essential oils that give the aroma of the oil.

It is important to check for these natural oils which include the likes of argan, grapeseed, jojoba and coconut oil.



  •     Argan Carrier OilThis oil is extracted from the Argan tree in Morocco. It is rich in Vitamin A and E and widely used in the world of cosmetics. It is also a good antioxidant.
  • Grapeseed OilExtracted from grape seeds, it is used as a moisturizer and anti oxidant. It also has an element of Vitamin E. So grapes are not for wine only!!
  • Jojoba OilFound in the South west America and parts of North West Mexico, Jojoba oil has great benefits to the skin by hydrating it and its widely used in skin and hair products due to its closeness to the oils produced in the body. Additionally, It has fewer incidences of skin reactions.
  • Coconut OilFor years coconut oil has been used for the skin and hair. This is because it has a superb moisturizing element that keeps hair healthy and reduces the itchiness associated with dry skin.
  • Castor OilCastor oil is extracted from the castor seeds found in East Africa. It contains essential fatty acids and Vitamin E that is important to the skin.
  • Almond OilFound in a majority of Asian countries, almond oil is another perfect oil that nourishes both hair and skin. It has important fatty acids, enriched with vitamin  E, A, D, B1, B2, and B6. That leaves hair healthy and strong.


Like mentioned earlier on, beard oil has both essential and carrier oils. The essential oils have a myriad of functions including soothing, healing and not forgetting the scent.

Essential oils include the likes of lavender that has been known to make the best beard softeners and tea tree for its both antifungal and antibacterial properties.


There are various prices for these beard oils. Therefore let your budget lead you into buying the best beard oil without breaking your bank.

Note: Avoid beard oils made of Silicone no matter how cheap they are.


If you are a person who is always on the move or prefer having your beard oil around, then buying a small size will be ideal. One that can fit into your pocket easily.



How to use Beard oil

Once you have chosen and bought the best beard oil for your beard, put a few drops in your hand – it is recommended to apply after taking a shower.

Rub gently the oil between your palms and apply in a straight motion following your beard. Then comb the beard to ensure enough blend.

With the above in mind, You are now in a position to know what to look out for and what suits your beard best. Below is a list of the best beard oil in 2017;


  1. Leven Rose Beard Oil


This Leven Rose beard oil takes the number one spot as the best beard oil. It has no fragrance and this has made it liked by most men who don’t want to clash with their colognes or don’t want a  scented beard.

Why we love it

  • It contains only two oils: Jojoba and Argan that are 100% organic. These oils are important in making the beard soft and healthy. It also clears beard druff within few days of use.
  • Has no additives GMOs or fragrance- This means no worries of allergic reactions and you are sure the ingredients are safe.
  • Gets integrated easily on the beard soaking easily- A few drops are needed hence it can serve for a long period of time.
  • Comes in 2.4 ounces – This is is easy to carry around.
  • Bottle made of dark amber glass to avoid destruction by UV light.


Dries fast- some users have reported that the moisturizing effect dries up fast and they need to apply more than once which is cumbersome

Basic fragrance- As much as the its fragrance-free, there is an element of a scent though natural but still some users find this unpleasant.

Buy at


2. Wisdom Beard Oil



This beard oil comes in second as the best beard oil because of its woodsy and lemon scent that is mild to men who love mild scents.

What we love about it


  • Nice fresh woodsy and lemon scent that is mild
  • Made of Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil that ensure healthy beardConditions and softens split and dry beard giving you that clean feel.

What to look out for

Lemon scent- Some users find the lemon scent too strong.

Buy at




For dry, coarse beard, the Mountaineer Brand WV Timber comes in as the best beard oil. It leaves your beard silky soft and well moisturized.

What we love about it

  • The best fix for dry beard- If you are suffering from a dry beard, then this beard oil is a must have.
  • Lightly scented.
  • Vegan-friendly -All natural animal free products.
  • It contains Grapeseed oil, almond oil, castor oil, and essential oils of cedar and fir needle. These are important oils that leave your beard healthy.

What to look out for

The scent- some users noticed the initial nice pine wood and cedar scents disappeared quickly leaving an unpleasant smell.

Buy at




If you are looking a hydrating beard oil, then this oil takes the day as the best beard oil. It contains some organic oils including; Apricot Kernel Oil (Organic), Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil (Organic), Castor Oil (Organic), Gold Jojoba Oil.

Why we love it

  • It contains a number of carrier oils that are organic and safe to use.
  • The likes of jojoba nourish your beard leaving it moisturized and soft. It also has an anti bacterial component in it.
  • Has no preservatives or colorants making it user-friendly and safe.
  • Has a component of Emu oil that has a lot of benefits including; anti-aging ingredient, ant-inflammatory and makes hair follicles strong hence reduced hair breakage.

What to look out for


If you have server nut allergy, this beard oil might not be the best because of argan that is extracted from nuts.

The Emu oil is derived from a slaughtered Emu. So if you do not prefer animal derived oils, you could consider the other vegan beard oils mentioned in this review.

Buy at




Coming in at number five is Honest Amish Beard Oil. For years, it has remained a trusted beard brand all over the world. It has about six oils that nourish the beard for longer.

Why we love it

  • It contains some organic oils that include; Avocado Oil, Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil, Moringa Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil,  Apricot Kernel Oil, Virgin Argan Oil and Kukui Oil.
  • These oils ensure your skin and beard is well kept and healthy. Additionally, the Jojoba is regarded as a safe ingredient even in users who often suffer from acne.
  • Hand crafted in the USA.

What to look out for

Use of an excess can cause oily beard that might make the beard loose its moisturized effect.

Buy at



With the above review, you are in a better position in buying the best beard oil available. It is important to note reading the ingredients on the beard bottle will help avoid adverse skin reaction that can be unpleasant.

For thousands of men, taking care of their hair is very important. The way the hair looks presents a significant investment on how they look and feel.  Depending on your hair’s volume, length and strength, you need to use a professional hair iron. For instance coarse and thick hair requires a flat iron with 1-1/2” plates. Still, men with regular types of hair could use 1” plate for better control over hair swirls. It is important to learn how to use the iron and thus limit the appearance of problems. Your hair needs to be dry and clean before you apply the flat iron. This is why most people use a shampoo and condition their hair before using the device. Why should you take this into account? Well, when the hair is wet, you will have to deal with frizzy locks. In addition, before straightening the hair, women should apply a special heat protection spray against the intense heat. A good flat iron needs to incorporate special temperature and heat settings in order to customize the whole process. It is important to set the right temperature and work the right sections of the hair that need straightening. You have to draw thin hair sections through the iron in a slow pace. Try your best to continue this pace until you obtain straight hair. With this slow motion, the iron’s plates counteract the hair’s ridges and deliver a silky and smooth effect.

You’ll also notice that picking out small partings ensures better results. Furthermore take into consideration that the hair base needs to receive more heat than the ends. If your hair is super-curly then use low temperatures for proper results. Some men even perform a second and rapid run through the hair in order to obtain an impressive super-sleek finish. This is just one reason why you need the best flat iron 2017. You should divide the hair in small sections and slices and afterwards apply the flat iron for proper heat distribution. Even though most people change their irons from time to time, it is important to identify one that feels comfortable. Nowadays more and more people use ceramic flat irons in order to heat and straighten their hair. Still, it is important to learn more about the irons with ceramic plates in order to better manage the appearance of the hair. Most ceramic iron plates precisely distribute heat on the whole surface of the hair. This type of flat iron manages to retain more heat and safely eliminates hot spots. With a better heat distribution, the end results are impressive! The iron’s ceramic plates deliver far-infrared heat which prevents moisture build up. Due to far-infrared heat technology, you won’t have to deal with any damage on your hair. The iron uses ceramic plates to emit negative ions in order to safely remove static electricity and offer shiny and sleek hair results. Here are the top choices we recommend;


  1. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron 1.5 Inch hair straightener.



If you plan to change your hairstyle it’s time to quest for a perfect flat iron. Certainly you have known Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair straightener and read reviews about it. They are very well-known among those with very thick and curly hair. Wonder why? To give the best information before you decide to get it, I will summarize some great fact about this hot styling tool you might have wanted to find out.


Babyliss pro titanium 1.5 inch review.

Because it’s a very important tool that decides  how you look everyday, acquiring as much information in advance on the product is necessary, you want to rip off all the quality, benefits and features from it for a long term investment on beauty.




  • Good heat efficiency and quick heating of the plates. Actually with the adjust heating, you can change to many different temperatures (5 levels from and the maximum heating is 450F), this is the most important factor of this product to adapt many hair types. It makes them suitable for anyone with fine to long thick hair. You know many other product with the same setting, but you’re satisfied the quick heating, the plates can get to the desired temperature just in seconds, which feature I like the most, you do if you are in hurry in the moring and don’t want  to wait flat iron to heat up.  Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair straightener combine the high quality plates to deliver variety of temperature you wish for.


  • It’s light and small, so you put it neat in your bag (as all flat iron, they gain a little space in your travel bag). I also love the design and the color giving the user premium experiences.


  • Changing from higher to lower temperaure is extremely easy and in a matter of seconds. If you decrease the temperature of plates by adjusing the button, it’s cooled down fast because the titanium is material that disputed heat efficiently.


  • The attractive and ergrnomic design asures user’s safety while perfoming hair straightening. You hand and skin around your neck are avoided contact to the hot surface on the plates.


  • Have you ever had an electric device that last more than 4 years? since Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium come with a 4-year warranty on the main parts and plates, so you can expect it’s going to damage after 4 year, otherwise, it’s assured you a generous time to enjoy. This could be the top trustworthy hair straightener brands on the market.


Babyliss Pro Nano titanium hair straightener at glance


  • Adjustable heating from 90F to 450F.
  • Heating is quick just 10 seconds.
  • High quality titanium plate with 1.5 inch width and smooth surface to prevent hair snagging.

What’s the  big deal? 4 years  warranty.


The bad things about Bablyliss Pro: Some of the customers think it’s pricey compared to similar products. However, I feel for the time saving, long run and safety, actually you are saving money since it’s durable with resistance to corrosion of  plates. Some users have problems with the adjustable heat setting, but you will be familiar with this after 2,3 times. In addition, those with normal and fine hair complain it releases heat more than other, but with 5 setting you always choose one and remember don’t adjust to the highest level for the first time until you make used of it.

Buy it at


  1. GHD flat iron hair straightener.



Pros: One button switch on. It has a classic look. The gold coated on ceramic plate provide exceptional smooth surface and snagging-free experience. It can do both curling and straightening. Temperature is optimized for all hair types. It’s safe by automatic switch off.

Cons: You may be disappointed with no adjustable heat setting. The price tag is high Some hairtype such as extremely thick may not be best suited.

For some, it is a daily habit to style hair and they do it in free time with enjoyment. GDH, Good Hair Day is one of the best flat iron bands on the market proven by the high quality material of products and durability, and as the role of excellent beauty tools they can eliminate curl and frizz or do whatever you wish for your hair. Take all these thing into consideration, in this article we’ll give you some points of one of the best GHD flat irons: GHD V Gold Classic Styler. You are about to find out “is it worth of hype and deserved what you pay for”.


Quality and design


We rarely have reviews on gold coated plate irons, but this is an exceptional case because we’ve heard of it a lot. At the first look, you will see ergonomic design and compact, fresh and professional iron. The button position is located at a very suitable place between 2 plates, which allow you to easily to switch on/off. Just one switch with audible beep, it’s ready for use.


The plates are heated to the optimized temperature, there is no adjust setting, so you don’t need to put your hand near by the plates to guess the temperature. Solid body gives a comfortable hold on your hand in any direction while perfrom straightening. The gold coated on ceramic plates boost even smoother on the surface.


There is downsite to the hair straightener, that is, no sort of heat adjustable settings that it can be used within seconds after turning on.  some hair such as thick and  coarse need  higher heat level to get the perfect result that will last through the day. Some people with fragile hair or with sensitive skin feel intense heat from the iron (this can not be avoided), they prefer a lower temperature.


GDH Flat Iron at glance


Temperature variable: lowest when sliding on hair 347F , highest after turning on 365F

Warranty: 2 Year(s)

Ceramic plates: 1 inch

Dual Voltage 110/230, it is great for traveling

Safety: Auto Shut-off



One button switch on. It has a classic look. The gold coated on ceramic plate provide exceptional smooth surface and snagging-free experience. It can do both curling and straightening. Temperature is optimized for all hair types. It’s safe by automatic switch off.


You may be disappointed with no adjustable heat setting. The price tag is high Some hairtype such as extremely thick may not be best suited.



Who Would Use This Gold Coated Flat Iron


If you’re looking for a good hair straightener that can be used imediately after turning on without adjustable heating, I would say, this iron will give your need. The reason being that  you don’t have to wait for long and switch to many heating levels to style, just turn it on and it’ll style your hair with the best by simplicity. However, you can’t change the temperature after turning it on, this is a disadvantage.


For those with naturally curly or stick-straight hair, it’s a great choice. You can’t go wrong with them even with normal or thick long hair. They will give you appealing style that can last longer. “Sleek and shiny”  is what users talk about after they style with the product.


What’s now if you like to curl hair. The Gold Classic Styler brought more positive features by users who’ve tried curling. The ergonomic design means you have much less chance to accidentally touch on the hot surface. In addition, it can style some curly hairstyles that are really a challenge to other irons.


Concluding thoughts about GHD V Gold Classic Flat Iron Review


There are a lot of positive reviews on this product, meaning it has been tested and proved it’s values. The light and compact body let users style simply and easily. The coating on the body not only makes you feel solid and comfortable on hand( you will never drop it while styling), but also looks like an expensive and high-end product. You don’t need to do something else to wait until it gets to the set temperature cause it does in seconds. The the feature, most people appreciate is that it is going to automatically turn off if you don’t use them after 30 minutes. It’s extremely helpful and safe for those noramlly forget to leave something “on”.


The gold coated plate gives extra smooth so snagging is thing in the past. You can use this tool to both strengten or curl. Overall,  it’s very pricey to invest on this product, but keep in mind that if you have long term and daily use your money is placed on the right thing.

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  1. Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450 hair straightener. Now izutech ktx450



They produce styling products typically for professional hairstylists.  The excellent design integrated with innovative heating technology reduces as much as possilbe any side effect on hair. What you are going to get from using IZUTECH products are exceptional results or, I would call it “salon like results”  at home if you’ve ever used any flat iron from this brand.


You have a hundred of choices out there for a hair straightener, it is a tedious task to search every single product for reviews. Do you get ceramic or titanium? CHI or GDH?  What is your budget? Still, we think IZUTECH stands out, then we can confidently mention it to you – one of those is the Izunami Ktx450, or to simplify KTX, it’s easy for you to remember.


At a  glance


  • Specifically designed for Keratin Treatments.


  • Adjustable heating from 90F to 450F: 5 levels.


  • Heating is quick just 30 seconds.


  • High quality titanium plate with 1 inch.



  • The housing is coated with high quality paint.
  • The intuitive design allows users to easily hold and straighten their hair without any instructions.


  • The switch on-off button and scroll heating wheel is located exactly at the right position, thisl avoids accidental change while straightening.


  • It has an audible beep when it gets ready for use after you turn it on.


  • The latest flashing heating technology Kyocera MCH Heater assists in conducting heat to the plates, so they can reach to the set temperature  in a matter of seconds.


  • The multiple setting let you choose any heating level.


  • Each plate is heated independently by dual heat sensor so they will not loose heat and maintain consistent temperature.


  • There is some sort of moisture molecules present in your hair, KTX will enhance the effectiveness of these molecules by reducing the size leaving your hair shiny and healthy without compromising its natural properties.



Pricey. As I mentioned earlier, KTX is recommended for professional use and it is still one of the  best hair straightening flat irons though it is expensive.


Who Would Want the KTX450?


KTX can satisfy all users because of the wide range heat setting. It can work perfectly on very thick, oil, curly, wave hair. Certainly, you know Keratin Treatments and at least one time, you want to try out this treatment. To be able to successful achieve a desired result, the irons must be designed for this purpose, I mean, they were created for that and you know, KTX450 is absolutely engineered for that. The titanium plates are extremely effective, this is the most important feature. They are light and durable can withstand at high temperature but still maintain its properties.



Final thoughts

What impresses me about this hair straightener straightener is how fast it heats up, and how fast the temperature changes on command, it will be the best choice for those who want to try professional experience.

If you want to try out the professional tool, you are looking for hair straightening flat iron for your self, or even intend to upgrade, you can’t really go wrong with KTX450. The titanium plates are very effective to conduct heat fast, the tool itself is nice and solid, and it’s affordable for a professional styling iron. When compared to other straighteners, it is worth to  invest your money in terms of performance and price range;  it also looks pretty lovely in your kit.

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  1. Chi 1 Inch Flat Iron – The Best Iron For Normal Hair.



If you have a normal hair, nothing stop this Chi hair straightener, that it has the heat setting that works perfectly on your hair. The Chi 1 inch incorporates a heat transmitted technology and the plates to ensure that your hair never end up with some frizz and curly. This straightener is yet another breakthrough from Chi for an frizz free straightening experience, truly a excellent tool to handle normal hair with shoulder length.


You will look more attractive and stylish by just changing your hairstyle to straight look. The first thing you would think of is selecting the styling tool to do that. There are numerous of straighteners which on the ad they say how perfect the results are delivered, however, many of them failed. Luckily, it’s not hard for you to find the right styling tool brands, you probably know CHI was proved to be a reputable brand for styling products.  CHI Ceramic Flat Iron 1 inch will not make you disappointed with its performance, no matter what style it is.



Quick glance


  • The maximum temperature is fixed at 370F.


  • The plate is made of ceramic, the layer is thick and durable.


  • Its Voltage is 120V, Don’t bring it to other countries where the power supply is 220V.


  • Warranty: 2 years


Chi 1 inch flat iron.


There are a lot of hair straighteners out there with 1 inch plate width. But I personally will tell you why you should choose this CHI 1 flat iron.


The plates of Chi flat iron are made of high quality material (thick coated ceramic), the heating is conducted through the  plates so efficiently. Chi 1 iron is engineered to complement the heat lost quickly allowing consistent temperature to style your hair successfully. This means the plates remain in stable temperatures. The Chi iron also has an adjustable setting.  you always can adjust to the suitable levels.


Additionally, the straightener doesn’t have the temperature controller, you just switch them on for instant use. The thick ceramic bar is integrated into the tool, which is the core and  acts like the “soft clip” to hair while straightening. The ceramic plate makes contact with your hair while straightening to whatever direction  because of  the swift cord.  All you need to do is just adjust a button and the temperature of the plates will rise upto 50°F.


Why Chi Ceramic Don’t Work with Some.


Chi ceramic is a mid-range straightener. It is comparable to other ceramic irons and not the best choice for people with very thick, curly, long hair because  of the plate size ( 1 inch). Though, this hair straightener is an excellent choice for people with normal hair, it is simply not the straightener that will give you everything like high-end straighteners. For those with thick long hair and want an effective straightening, you should look for a more intense heat titanium straighteners like Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium.


Final thoughts


This Chi ceramic flat irons may not be as good as Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450 or Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium in terms of intense heating  but definitely it is a top straightener especially for those who have normal hair. Ceramic CHI is quite popular. Again, if you have light to medium thick hair, this iron will have no problem giving a perfect straight hairstyle.


Overall, you’ll be pleased with this hair straightener and very pleased if you have problem styling your hair with other irons. It is the best hair straighteners for normal hair on the market that points to softer and gentler heating.

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  1. Brazilian Heat BBH3003 Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium flat iron.




If you read the Essence Magazine regularly, you would notice about the Brazilian heat iron in the hair beauty column. For now it is one of the best titanium flat irons for supper thick and stubborn hair, because the heat released from the surface of plates surpasses the other standard irons. Like most hair straighteners today, it has an adjustable control setting that allows you to choose the ideal temperature for your hair and it gets to that temperature super-fast.


Pros and Cons of the Brazilian heat after dark

The ergonomic design will help you hold it comfortably and it also assures that users have less chance to be caught from hot surface of plates while holding and performing straightening. It’s very easy to use, the control is convenient on the side of the housing with digital temp lock, it’s not going to be accidentally turned off or changed as observed in other irons. Brazilian heat flat iron is coated by a high quality black paint. It is light weight and fits on your hand. The packing is very good and neat, such a nice treat for quality hair straighteners.


The tremendous thing about this product is that it can be used for Brazilian Keratin Treatment, a hair treatment that requires intense and consistent heat.  There is not any complaint about hair damaging issue. This is reason why Brazilian heat titanium flat iron review is positive.

Who can use it?


For most type of hair, it works effectively on very thick, course hair giving you satisfiying results. Just one time sliding it down and it leaves your hair shiny and straight. If you have natural and fine hair, it may give you over your expectation. For stubborn, thick hair, this iron absolutely is a top choice. This hair type likes it hot probably over 400F. They have 5 level-temperature setting: 450°F, 430°F, 400°F, 350°F, 300°F, 250°F


Brazilian heat titanium flat iron is the best hair straightener for thick curly hair and African American hair.


Remember to set from low heating first and go up until you get the good result. There are 2 plates size 1 inch and 1.5 inch available, choose the one best for your hair type.


Final thoughts


In final words about Brazilian heat titanium flat iron, I would say this hair straightener is one of the best flat irons you could find especially for those that have thick hair. Probably, it’s a little pricey but once you get familiar with it, you will be straightening like a professional hairstylist. It can be used for all hair types by changing the thermal control. Make sure it touches every single hair strand. It is a perfect flat iron that I couldn’t really find any fault with.

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When it comes to placing a straight razor against your face and neck you want to be sure you are working with a quality product.  Running around the house holding your blood-squirting neck is not a good idea.  For this very reason, you should take some time and research several straight razors before going out and purchasing one.

Let’s go through some of the reasons why price and quality make a difference when choosing the best straight razor.

  • A cheaper priced razor will work well at first but very quickly become dull.
  • The type of metal used int he razor could wear quicker reducing the lifespan
  • very thin or poor razors will nick and chip easier resulting in a poor quality shave
  • wear on the handle making the razor look more worn out and unattractive

Buying a cheap razor may be fine if you plan on replacing it every few months.  In the end, this could cost as much as a higher quality razor.

  1. The Personna Monsieur Charles Razor BP0800

This is a great starter razor with interchangeable blades.  The weight and feel of this razor is similar to a fixed blade razor but has the benefit of the interchangeable blades.

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  1. Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Parker makes quality products, and this model is no slouch.  It comes with a stainless steel handle and 100 replaceable stainless steel blades.  For barbershop quality without the need to strop and sharpen you can’t find a better deal.

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  1. Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Folding Knife,Stainless Blade, Black Plastic Handle 201 081

Dovo makes high-priced and great quality products.  This razor is an exception to the rest.  This German made straight razor has a light-weight aluminum handle and changeable blades.  This is a great starter razor without having to bust the bank.

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  1. DOVO Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor

This is the second  DOVO product to make our list.  Other than its Satin finish there is not too much difference from the #3 razor.  Being a DOVO made in Germany carries some major weight.

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  1. MD Black Dragon Razor

The three riveted design in the Black Dragon makes for a very sturdy and solid feel.  The razor has a stunning black design and also comes with a leather case.

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  1. The Kriegar Razor

This was the first straight razor that was officially issued to German soldiers during World War I and is also the official military issued straight razor in World War II as well. To say the least that this razor was designed for the battle field, you can be sure that it can give you the best results when you use it to give you that clean look that you always wanted in a straight razor. More importantly, the Kriegar Razor is made of pure surgical grade stainless steel and added caution should be used while using this razor.Best New Year 2018 Quotes. Maintaining this razor is virtually next to nothing as it’s stainless steel blade will never develop any signs of corrosion or discoloration for that matter.

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  1. The Gold Dollar Razor

This straight razor has been around for quite sometime now and is a straight razor blade that is made entirely in China using a standard 5/8 width stainless steel blade that is shave ready out of the box but could use further honing and stropping to improve it’s sharpness. The Gold Dollar razor is a classic old school styled razor blade that exudes an exquisite characteristic of a bygone era that lauds aesthetics with functionality. You will even find it interesting to know that some rare Gold Dollar limited edition models used real gold which is incorporated into the razor blades themselves. It is very rare to see a razor that has a gold filled blade these days, which is one of Gold Dollar’s well-known razor brands and one should take pride in owning one!

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All 7 of these straight razors will provide a great quality shave for a reasonable price.  The art of straight razor shaving is quite delicate so make sure to start out slow.  All of the razors mentioned above are great for beginner’s.


How to Sharpen a Straight Razor

There is one simple way to know when you need straight razor sharpening. Straight razor shaving will hurt when your razor is not sharp enough. It will feel like you are pulling the hairs instead of shaving them.

Here are some items that you will need for straight razor sharpening:

  • Straight razor
  • Leather Strop
  • Fine honing stone

If you think that you cannot sharpen your razor, it is important to know that there are professional honing services available. You can also take it to your barber, and depending on the person they might do it for free.

Step 1 Getting started

To start off, you will want your extremely fine honing stone nearby. You will then lay the side of the blade in as flat of a manner as you possibly can. The back and edge of your straight razor will be touching the honing stone as you are pushing the blade across diagonally, and you will want the edge to be pushing forward.

Step 2 After first sharpening attempt

After your first attempt to sharpen your straight razor shaving tool you will want to leave it flat. Do not pick up the blade. Turn along the back part of the razor, and position the other side of the razor so that it is sitting flat against the honing stone on the other side of the blade.

It is important to be careful, and do not make any quick or forceful strokes. Most importantly, watch your fingers because with straight razor sharpening it is even easier to cut yourself, than when you are shaving your face. If you are in a rush, don’t bother trying to sharpen your razor. You are just putting yourself at risk of being badly cut.


Most shaving accidents occur when the person is sharpening their razor, and it slips and ends up cutting them. This is also why you do not want to be using to much force while sharpening your razor because the harder you are pushing that razor, the deeper the cut will be if your razor slips.

Step 3 Make sure that both sides have been sharpened

You want to make sure that you have sharpened both sides equally because the blade of the razor is fairly thin. If you have unevenly sharpened that razor you will be putting yourself at risk because it will change the way that your razor operates. For example, you might find that it curves while shaving.

With straight razor shaving you want to keep the process as predictable as possible or you can get hurt.

How often should you sharpen your razor? Well, on average you will want to sharpen your razor about twice a year or every six months after usage. As mentioned earlier, another way to tell when you need to sharpen your razor is when moving the razor across your face pulls the hair causing pain. This is a sign that your razor is not sharp enough. Here is a short video to take you through the process.


Proper care of your straight razor

If you want your razor to last longer, you can clean it with mineral oil. This will also destroy any harmful bacteria that has built up on your razor.

Owning a straight razor carries a few responsibilities, but once you know how to maintain it properly, you will never regret it because you will be safer using it.

Straight Razor Shaving Soap

With all the technological advancements in straight razors and related devices over the past few years, it’s almost out of style to see someone shave with a straight, old style, traditional razor. But the simple fact is these types of razors still provide the easiest and most reliable cuts out there. You don’t have to deal with having power or recharge your razor, or having an uneven cut because the blades were worn out. But when shaving with a straight razor you still need to use shaving soap. There’re a lot of brands and models for these types of soap, and they provide a lot of different features. Here is some information you might find useful about straight razor shaving soap.

First, it would be a mistake to compare shaving soap with a normal piece of soap. Sure, you could use a traditional soap bar to shave, but specialized soap products provide a lot more for you. And don’t even think about not using soap at all. It’s just cleaner to use one, and your cut is more even also. What you might not see on your skin is that all the residue from normal daily activities build-up against the skin and fill your pores pretty quickly. If you shave without soap, you go above all these filled up pores, and you end up with a cut that just doesn’t look as good. In all the products that one can bring out to shave, from the razor itself to extra cosmetics, the soap is perhaps the most important for personal hygiene and to get a clean cut. So now that you know why you want to use soap, what’s the difference between a normal soap bar and shaving soap? Again, it depends on which brand you go with since they provide many different features.

The main benefit of using a shaving soap is that they often come with supporting accessories, along with being made for shaving. For example, a typical shaving kit can include the soap itself, along with a     brush, a ceramic bowl to put the hot water in it, and some cotton sheets to dry yourself with. This is a lot of extra value for the price you pay, and they are things you don’t get with a normal soap bar. But the product itself is also made for shaving. The materials used in the conception of the soap are made especially for this purpose. Often, you can see on the box that they advertise 40% humectants moisturizers. This is perfect for shaving, and not typically found in a normal bar soap, which is why it’s so useful.

Overall, shaving with a traditional straight razor is something that millions of people do all the time. Whether or not you get a good result depends on the products you use, and using a good shaving soap is crucial to the whole operation. It’s like using the right key to open a lock, where the wrong one might still fit, but it won’t go all the way through.

Straight Razor Shaving Quick Tips


Straight razor shaving can give you the most comfortable and satisfying shave when you have the right accessories at hand.  Imagine no razor burn, no ingrown hairs, and no “razor bumps.”  That’s where straight razor shaving excels.

Let’s start with your setup.  You’ll enjoy shaving best when everything you need is laid out neatly for you. “Colonel Conk,“ “Dovo,“ “Kent” produce hardwood, acrylic and stainless steel razor and brush stands.

Take your straight razor and, if it needs to be stropped, usually every few months, pass it expertly over a woodworking shop whetstone.  These will do their job fairly quickly.  Generic “barber hones,” often found on eBay, are finer and will necessarily take a bit more time.  You may also choose to hone your straight razor on a micro abrasive sheet, such as made by “Hand American”.  They need to be replaced from time to time, but at little cost.


Following your honing, you’ll want to strop your straight razor to align the steel grains at the edge of the blade all in the same direction.  Hanging strops, having a leather side and a canvas or linen side are readily available.   Choose from strops such as Green River Leather Cowhide Razor Strop, Illinois Razor Strop, jemico German Razor Strop, Boker Russian Leather Razor Strop, or the Thiers Issard Luxury Strop.  After honing, you’ll want to use the leather side.  Between shaves, use the linen/canvas side first.

By the way, care for your leather strop with mechanic’s waterless hand cleaner massaged into the leather and the excess wiped off.

If you travel, you may want to have a paddle strop, and leather mounted on wood.  You probably won’t have your whetstone with you when you travel, but you can use an abrasive paste on a second paddle strop.  This is also convenient for touching up the straight razor’s edge between regular honings.  Thiers Issard makes a fine diamond paste.

You’ll want a fine badger or boar bristle brush, although synthetics are available.  The Badger Silvertip  is probably the finest.  You can choose a MUHLE, Parker or Colonel Conk brush. Dovo Handmade, available from Classic Shaving, a Kent BK4 or Vulfix will make you happy.

You may want to choose either a shaving soap or cream rather than a modern gel.  Gels just don’t lubricate as well.  Williams Mug Shaving Soap is not expensive.  You may prefer a glycerine-based soap like Colonel Conk’s Bay Rum, or a traditional shaving soap by Trumper’s, Truefitt & Hill, Taylors or Crabtree & Evelyn. See how you like a shaving cream by Muhle, Trumper’s, Taylor’s, Truefitt & Hill, Coates, and Salter or Crabtree & Evelyn

Many who love straight razor shaving finish off their shaves with cologne, after shave or eau de toilette.  Try Trumper’s Sandalwood, Eucris and Spanish Leather, or Taylor’s Sandalwood and Pecksniff’s Oriental Woody. Another favorite is Colonel Conk Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne. If you’re just starting out straight razor shaving, you might consider a shaving set.

Well, as you can see, straight razor shaving is both good for your face and a daily treat.

Straight Razor Shaving is a Great Conversation Starter

Straight razor shaving is the epidemy of manliness.  How many men do you know that still prefer a straight razor shave?  Very few if any I’m guessing.

Every time I tell a friend, co-worker or family member I switched to straight razor shaving they are immediately interested.  They ask me how I got into it and why I decided to switch.  These questions are usually followed up with some mention of cutting ones throat (hee hee).  I then begin to explain that straight razor shaving has been around for a long time and is still the best way to get a close, comfortable shave.  The cost savings are the next point that many people are interested in.  Getting rid of your Gillette or Schick razors can save you big time money.  Buying replacement razor blades are massively expensive.  One five pack of Gillette Fusion razors are equivalent to buying a decent straight razor that will last you for many years.

What I find people are the most excited about is the actual straight razor shave itself.  This really gets people excited when you tell them how you go about the shave and all the different soaps that can be used to ensure a close shave while still protecting your face.  Men also get a kick out of getting intricate brushes and cologne to enhance their shaving experience.

I have converted many so far and all have stuck with it.  Some have become quite obsessed with the straight razor shave and all the accessories that can be acquired.  These people don’t see the cost savings as the ones that stick with the basics.  But if it makes them happy than who am I too judge.


The Women Love it

Women love men that prefer straight razor shaving.  I have not seen nor heard of any women that did not automatically think it was a good idea for a man to switch to a straight razor.  Deep down they love this.  What women would not want their man to use a sharp blade on their face to make the look clean and smooth?  Many times, the conversations about straight razor shaving lead to someone’s wife or girlfriend suggesting it to their significant other.

Switch to a straight razor shave and you might be surprised what you get out of it….


Straight Razor Shaving How-To

As facial hair grows on every man after a certain age, many may be tempted to shave them. Or maybe you have a beard and want to shave it off. There are many tools available to do the job, and certainly, some cost a lot of money and have all kind of gadgets, but the principle is the same everywhere. The simplest and least expensive is a simple razor, so here’s how to perform a Straight Razor Shave, in easy to follow steps, and so you can get it done perfectly every time.


Straight Razor Shaving Preparation

First, you need to prepare your beard or facial hair. Usually, it’s best to take a shower or humidify your beard with a hot towel. This will produce the best results and avoid unnecessary cuts. Hot water is preferable also. Then, once your beard is ready, get a bowl of hot water together and a brush.  You ideally want to let your brush soak in as hot water as possible, so letting the faucet run is best. Then it’s time to apply the cream or soap on your face with the brush, making sure to keep it wet.  Apply the lather to your beard using brushing motions, going back and forth, and use a towel to remove any extra lather. This is important to make the process go on smoothly. You want to remove any moisture or skin follicles. When you finish this process, your face should be covered with a thick layer of lather.


Performing the Straight Razor Shave

After this, you should sit down and wait a few minutes, applying lather again if the soap has dried up. Usually, 5 minutes or less is fine. Once that’s done, it’s time for shaving. Make sure you stretch your skin as you shave, and pull the area where you’re about to apply the blade. The razor should be held at a 20-degree angle from your skin, and you should make smooth passes from bottom to top. To get a good result, you may need up to three passes. Otherwise, the skin won’t be smooth. You can also apply lather again between passes if necessary. Your skin should remain wet the whole time. Make sure to go slowly and smoothly, especially for the last pass. Otherwise, accidents may occur, and you can cut yourself. After this process is done, wash your face and rinse it off with cold water, to close the pores and keep the dirt out.  Like all Straight Razor Shaving Soap, you should finish off with some great  Straight Razor After Shave.

The Straight Razor Shaving Advantage

Overall, straight razor shaving is fairly easy and can be done inside of a couple of minutes once you’re used to it. This can be done with a very inexpensive blade and doesn’t need any fancy equipment, although the risk of having cuts is higher if you don’t go slowly and smoothly, especially for that last pass. If that’s the way you want to shave, then by all means follow the steps outlined here.